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Chapter 12.44


12.44.010    Planting without permission prohibited where.

12.44.020    Cutting, trimming or removal--Permit and inspection required.

12.44.030    Materials deleterious to plant growth prohibited where.

12.44.040    Park or parking strip defined--Paving prohibited when.

12.44.050    Nuisance growths--Designated--Prohibited.

12.44.060    Nuisance growths--Notice to abate required--Contents.

12.44.070    Nuisance growths--Abatement--Time limit.

12.44.080    Nuisance growths--Abatement--Work performed by City when--Costs.

12.44.090    Violation--Penalty.

*See Chapter 1.24 for abatement of nuisances by City.

For hazardous litter, see Ch. 12.40 of this code.

For trees and public streets and sidewalks, see Title 16 of this code.