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Chapter 19.28


19.28.010    Adoption of the California Building Code.

Article 1. Scope and Administrative Provisions

19.28.020    Adoption of Chapter 1 Scope and Administration.

Article 2. Restrictions in Fire Zones

19.28.030    CBC Chapter 7A Materials and Construction Methods for Exterior Wildlife Exposure.

Article 3. Wood Burning Appliances

19.28.040    Wood Burning Appliances.

Article 4. Projection into Public Right of Way

19.28.050    Encroachments into the Public Right of Way--Revocation, Removal, Indemnification and Hold Harmless.

Article 5. Existing Buildings

19.28.060    Adoption of 2016 California Existing Building Code and Certain Chapters of the 2015 International Existing Building Code by Reference.

Article 6. Repairs to Existing Buildings and Structures

19.28.070    Adoption of Regulations for the Repairs of Existing Structures.

Article 7. Technical Amendments to Structural Standards

19.28.080    Various Technical Amendments to Structural Standards.

Article 8. Construction of Exterior Appurtenances

19.28.090    Technical Amendments for Construction of Exterior Projecting Elements and Appurtenances.


*    See Ch. 1.24 for abatement of nuisances by City.