Title 3


3.04    Capital Outlay Fund

3.08    Departmental Trust Fund

3.12    Gas Tax Street Improvement Fund

3.14    Trunk Sewer Capital Reserve Fund

3.16    Sewer Income Fund

3.18    Sewerage Facilities Replacement Fund

3.20    Sewer Service Revenue Fund

3.21    Storm Drain Revenue Fund

3.22    Repealed

3.24    County Tax Collection

3.28    Real Property Transfer Tax

3.32    Residential Construction Tax

3.33    Chula Vista Temporary $0.005 Sales Tax

3.36    Uniform Local Sales and Use Tax

3.40    Transient Occupancy Tax

3.41    Registration of Transients at Hotels and Motels

3.44    Utility Users’ Tax

3.45    Master Fee Schedule

3.48    Financing of Industrial and Commercial Development

3.50    Development Impact Fees to Pay for Various Public Facilities

3.54    Transportation Development Impact Fee

3.55    Western and Bayfront Transportation Development Impact Fees

3.56    Development Impact Fees in Western Chula Vista

*    For Charter law provisions regarding the fiscal administration of the city, see Charter §§ 1000 – 1017.