Chapter 2.02


2.02.010    Definitions.

2.02.020    Term limits established.

2.02.030    Effective date.

2.02.010 Definitions.

The terms utilized in this chapter shall have the following meanings ascribed to them, unless the context clearly requires otherwise:

A. “Consecutive” means immediately following, without a break in service.

B. “Term” or “term of office” means the four-year period of time for which a council member is elected or appointed as provided by law, as the same may be extended or shortened upon a change of election date(s) as provided by law. (Measure E (part), adopted March 2, 1999)

2.02.020 Term limits established.

A. No person shall serve more than three consecutive terms of office as a city council member; provided, however, that such person shall be eligible to hold such office after a break in service of twenty-four months. For purposes of this section, a person serving for at least two years of a term shall be considered to have served a full term of office.

B. For purposes of this chapter, the office of member of the city council is considered to be separate and distinct from the office of mayor. (Measure E (part), adopted March 2, 1999)

2.02.030 Effective date.

The term limits established by this chapter shall be applicable to all terms of office for members of the city council measured from and commencing with the terms of members of the city council elected at the March 2, 1999, general municipal election. (Measure E (part), adopted March 2, 1999)