Chapter 6.16


6.16.010    Impounding of animals.

6.16.020    Destruction of unredeemed animals.

6.16.030    Impounding, redemption,vaccination and other, fees and charges.

6.16.040    Spaying or neutering of adopted animals.

*Prior ordinance history: Ord. 241.

6.16.010 Impounding of animals:

It shall be the duty of the animal control officer to seize and impound any dog or other animal found running at large in violation of the provisions of Section 6.08.090 or Section 6.14.030 of this title. (Ord. 325 §1(part), 1987).

6.16.020 Destruction of unredeemed animals:

All dogs or other animals impounded and not reclaimed or redeemed within seventy-two hours may be destroyed in some humane manner by the animal control officer, or he may, after such dog or other animal is impounded for seventy-two hours, place the same with some responsible person and convey a valid title thereto. The seventy-two-hour period shall start to run on a currently licensed dog having thereon a license tag only after notice by first class mail, with postage prepaid, shall have been mailed by the animal control officer to the owner at the address given on his application for such license; provided, however, that if such dog or other animal is seriously injured or ill, the animal control officer, may, with the consent of the public health veterinarian and to prevent further suffering, destroy such dog or other animal prior to the expiration of the seventy-two-hour period. (Ord. 325 §1(part), 1987).

6.16.030 Impounding, redemption, vaccinations, and other fees and charges.

Fees and charges are hereby imposed forthe impoundment, vaccination, care and feeding of animals at the animal control shelter, and for the redemption of animals impounded or otherwise taken into the custody orcontrol of the animal control officer. The city council shall be resolution establish,and may from time to time amend, a schedule of such fees, and charges, which in each case shall constitute a debt from the owner of the animal to the city and which must be paid at the time said animal is redeemed by the owner. In addition, owners of animals shall be obligated to and shall reimburse the city for all costs reasonably incurred by the animal control officer in connection with the transportation, care and feeding of animals while in his custody or control to the extend that such costs are not provided for in said schedule. (Ord. 325 §1(part), 1987).

6.16.040 Spaying or neutering of adopted animals:

Every person who seeks to acquire an animal by adoption from the animal shelter shall first agree in writing to have said animal spayed or neutered on or before a date to be specified in said agreement by the keeper of the animal shelter. After taking possession of said animal by adoption, each such person shall have said animal spayed or neutered on or before the date so specified. A certificate endorsed by a licensed doctor of veterinary medicine attesting to said spaying or neutering shall constitute prima facie evidence of compliance with said agreement and this section. (Ord. 325 §1(part), 1987).