Chapter 13.08


13.08.010    Creation.

13.08.020    Water superintendent--Duties.

13.08.030    Water superintendent--Violators and repairs.

13.08.040    Water superintendent--Supervision.

13.08.050    Billing clerk--Duties.

13.08.060    Performance of duties.

13.08.070    Compensation.

13.08.010 Creation.

A water department is hereby created comprising two positions: a water superintendent, and a billing clerk. They shall be appointed to serve at the pleasure of the council. (Ord. 35 §50, 1950).

13.08.020 Water superintendent--Duties.

The water superintendent shall regularly inspect all physical facilities related to the city water system to see that they are in good repair and proper working order and to note violations of any water regulations. (Ord. 35 §51, 1950).

13.08.030 Water superintendent--Violators and repairs.

The water superintendent shall promptly report any violation or disrepair to the council. If the work required is in the nature of an emergency, he shall take whatever steps are necessary to maintain service to consumers pending action by the council. (Ord. 35 §52, 1950).

13.08.040 Water superintendent--Supervision.

The water superintendent shall supervise all repair or construction work authorized by the council and perform any other duties prescribed elsewhere in this chapter or which shall be hereafter prescribed by the council. (Ord. 35 §53, 1950).

13.08.050 Billing clerk--Duties.

The billing clerk shall compute, prepare and mail bills as hereinafter prescribed, make and deposit collections, maintain proper books of account, collect, account for, and refund deposits, do whatever else is necessary to set up and maintain an efficient and economical bookkeeping system, and perform any other duties now or hereafter prescribed by the council. (Ord. 35 §54, 1950)

13.08.060 Performance of duties:

The foregoing duties of Water Superintendent and Billing Clerk may be performed by existing City personnel or by an additional employee or employees. (Ord. 35 §55, 1950).

13.08.070 Compensation.

The Water Superintendent and Billing Clerk shall receive such compensation as is prescribed by the Council. (Ord. 35 §56, 1950).