Chapter 13.12



13.12.010    Services per premises.

13.12.020    Supply to separate premises.

13.12.030    Water waste.

13.12.040    Equipment on customer premises--Responsibility.

13.12.050    Water system facilities--Damage.

13.12.060    Customer property--Control valve.

13.12.070    Cross-connections.

13.12.080    Interruptions in service.

13.12.090    Ingress and egress.


13.12.100    Applications.

13.12.110    Undertaking of applicant.

13.12.120    Previous service--Payment.

13.12.130    Installation of services.


13.12.140    General.

13.12.150    Terms and conditions.

13.12.160    Facilities exceeding needs.

13.12.170    Subdivisions, tracts or housing projects--Deposit.

13.12.180    Specifications and construction.

13.12.190    Adjustment.

13.12.200    Property of City.

13.12.210    Extensions by City.


13.12.010 Services per premises:

The applicant may apply for as many services as may be reasonably required for his premises provided that the pipeline system from each service be independent of the others and that they not be interconnected. The cost of all services Over and above the initial service shall be borne by the applicant. (Ord. 35 §125, 1950).

13.12.020 Supply to separate premises:

Not more than one premises shall be serviced from each service connection. (Ord. 35 §126, 1950).

13.12.030 Water waste.

No consumer shall knowingly permit leaks or waste of water. (Ord. 35 §127, 1950).

13.12.040 Equipment on customer premises--Responsibility.

All facilities installed by the city on private property for the purpose of rendering water service shall remain the property of the city and may be maintained, repaired or replaced by the water department without consent or interference of the owner or occupant of the property. The property owner shall use reasonable care in the protection of the facilities. No payment shall be made for placing or maintaining said facilities on private property. (Ord. 35 §128, 1950).

13.12.050 Water system facilities--Damage.

The customer shall be liable for any damage to the city-owned customer water service facilities when such damage is from causes originating on the premises. (Ord. 35 §129, 1950).

13.12.060 Customer property--Control valve.

The customer shall provide a valve on his side of the service installation to control the flow of water to the piping on his premises. The customer shall not use the service curb stop to turn water on and off for his convenience. (Ord. 35 §130, 1950).

13.12.070 Cross-connections.

The customer must comply with state and federal laws governing the separation of dual water systems or installations of backflow protective devices to protect the public water supply from the danger of crossconnections. Backflow protective devices must be installed as near the service as possible and shall be open to test and inspection by the water department. Plans for installation of backflow protective devices must be approved by the water department prior to installation. (Ord. 35 §131, 1950).

13.12.080 Interruptions in service:

The city shall not be liable for damage which may result from an interruption in service from a cause beyond the control of the water department. Temporary shutdowns may be made by the water department to make improvements and repairs. Whenever possible and as time permits, all customers affected will be notified prior to making such shutdowns. (Ord. 35 §132, 1950).

13.12.090 Ingress and egress:

Representatives from the water department shall have the right of ingress and egress to the customer premises at reasonable hours for any purpose reasonably connected with the furnishing of water service. (Ord. 35 §133, 1950).


13.12.100 Application.

Applications for regular water service, where no main extension is required, may be made on the following application form or by letter giving the same information:




Location of Premises

Name ______________________ to be served ____________________

Mailing Address


Date Service Required


Name of person to whom service is to be rendered, if other than applicant____________________________________________________

This application must be accompanied by a deposit of $5.00, unless the Water Department estimates that the monthly bill will exceed $2.50, in which case the deposit shall be twice such estimate. The deposit shall be refunded after the expiration of one year provided all water bills during this period have been paid when due.

By signing this application, the applicant agrees to observe any city regulations now or hereafter adopted related to the water service and to pay water bills promptly. He further agrees to receive and pay for water supplied to the above premises for a minimum period of twelve months.

(Signed) ______________________"

(Ord. 35 §75, 1950).

13.12.110 Undertaking of applicant:

Such application will signify the customers’ willingness and intention to comply with this and other ordinances or regulations relating to the regular water service and to make payment for water service required. (Ord. 35 §76, 1950).

13.12.120 Previous service--Paytnent.

An application will not be honored unless payment in full has been made for water service previously rendered to the applicant by the city. (Ord. 35 §77, 1950).

13.12.130 Installation of services:

Regular water services will be installed at the location desired by the applicant of the size determined by the water department. Service installations will be made only to property abutting on public streets or abutting on such distribution mains as may be constructed in alleys or easements, at the convenience of the water department. Services installed in new subdivisions prior to the construction of streets or in advance of street improvement must be accepted by the applicant in the installed location. (Ord. 35 §78, 1950).


13.12.140 General.

Where an extension of the distribution mains is necessary or a substantial investment is required to furnish service, the applicant will be informed by the water department as to whether or not the service can be extended under these regulations. (Ord. 35 §100, 1950).

13.12.150 Terms and conditions:

Distribution mains will be extended to serve new customers under the following terms and conditions: Prior to the time the main is constructed, the applicant or applicants shall enter into a written form agreement for such extensions and shall deposit with the billing clerk the estimated cost of such extension and other appurtenant facilities, said estimated cost to be determined by the water superintendent. This estimated cost shall be based on the use of six-inch pipe of a material acceptable to the water superintendent for distribution mains. (Ord. 194 §1, 1977: Ord. 35 §101, 1950).

13.12.160 Facilities exceeding needs:

Should the water department desire to install facilities greater than are needed to meet said service demands, the cost of the excess size of facilities shall be borne by the city. (Ord. 194 §1, 1977: Ord. 35 §102, 1950).

13.12.170 Subdivisions, tracts or housing projects--Deposit.

When the main extension is made by city forces, applicants for main extensions to service subdivisions, tracts or housing projects shall be required to deposit with the billing clerk, before construction is commenced, the estimated reasonable total installed cost, as estimated by the water superintendent, of the necessary facilities, exclusive of service connections and meters. (Ord. 194 §1(part), 1977: Ord. 35 §103, 1950).

13.12.180 Specifications and construction.

The size, type and quality of materials and location of lines shall be specified by the water department or by a contractor acceptable to it, supervised and inspected by the water superintendent. (Ord. 194 §1(part), 1977: Ord. 35 §104, 1950).

13.12.190 Adjustment.

Adjustment of any substantial difference between the estimated and reasonable actual total installed cost thereof shall be made after the completion of the installation. (Ord. 194 §1(part), 1977: Ord. 35 §105, 1950).

13.12.200 Property of city:

All facilities shall be the property of the city. (Ord. 194 §1(part), 1977: Ord. 35 §106, 1950).

13.12.210 Extensions by city:

The water department may make extensions to the facilities constructed under Sections 13.12.140 through 13.12.210 without obligation to the applicant. (Ord. 194 §1(part), 1977: Ord. 35 §107, 1950).