Chapter 13.20


13.20.010    Public protection--Use of fire hydrants.

13.20.020    Public protection--Moving hydrants.

13.20.030    Private protection--payment of cost.

13.20.040    Private protection--No connection to other systems.

13.20.050    Private protection--Use.

13.20.060    Private protection--Meter rates.

13.20.070    Private protection--Monthly rates.

13.20.010 Public protection--Use of fire hydrants.

Fire hydrants are for use by the city or by organized fire protection agencies pursuant to contract with the city. Other parties desiring to use fire hydrants for any purpose must first obtain written permission from the water department prior to use and shall operate the hydrant in accordance with instructions issued by the water department. Unauthorized use of hydrants will be prosecuted according to law. (Ord. 35 §275, 1950).

13.20.020 Public protection--Moving hydrants.

Fire hydrants will be moved at the request of property owners, where such requests are found to be reasonable by the water superintendent. All costs shall be borne by the party requesting such relocation. (Ord. 35 §276, 1950).

13.20.030 Private protection--Payment of cost.

The applicant for private fire protection service shall pay the total actual cost of installation of the service from the distribution main to the customer’s premises including the cost of a detector check meter or other suitable and equivalent device, valve and meter box, said installation to become the property of the city. (Ord. 35 §300, 1950).

13.20.040 Private protection--No connection to other systems.

There shall be no connections between this fire protection system and any other water distribution system on the premises. (Ord. 35 §301, 1950).

13.20.050 Private protection--Use.

There shall be no water used through the fire protection service except to extinguish accidental fires and for testing the fire-fighting equipment. (Ord. 35 §302, 1950).

13.20.060 Private protection--Meter rates.

Any consumption recorded on the meter will be charged for at double the regular service rates except that no charge will be made for water used to extinguish accidental fires where such fires have been reported to the fire department. (Ord. 35 §303, 1950).

13.20.070 Private protection--Monthly rates.

The monthly rates for private fire protection shall be as indicated in the rate schedule herein provided. (Ord. 35 §304, 1950).