Chapter 16.08


16.08.010    City engineer.

16.08.020    City planning commission.

16.08.030    City street.

16.08.040    Design.

16.08.050    Easement.

16.08.060    Final map.

16.08.070    Improvement.

16.08.080    Lot.

16.08.090    Lot depth.

16.08.100    Lot depth, average.

16.08.110    Lot line, front.

16.08.120    Lot line, rear.

16.08.130    Lot lines, side.

16.08.140    Lot width.

16.08.150    Owner.

16.08.160    Parcel map.

16.08.170    standard subdivision.

16.08.180    subdivider.

16.08.190    Subdivision.

16.08.200    Subdivision, minor.

16.08.210    Tentative map.

16.08.010 City engineer.

"City engineer" means the engineer of the city. (Ord. 98 §4(2), 1966).

16.08.020 City planning commission:

"City planning commission" means the planning commission of said city and the advisory agency referred to in the State Map Act. (Ord. 98 § 4 (4), 1966).

16.08.030 City street.

"City street" means any street, avenue, etc. accepted by the city council.

1.    "Arterial street" means any street which carries traffic between different areas of the city, and traffic entering from collector streets.

2.    "Collector street" means a street which collects traffic from a subdivision or area to an arterial street (sometimes referred to as a secondary street).

3.    "Expressway" means a street of general citycounty importance, which is a limited access street carrying major traffic through several areas.

4.    "Local street" means that which is used primarily for access to abutting properties. (Ord. 98 §4(3), 1966).

16.08.040 Design.

"Design" refers to street alignment grades and widths, alignment and widths of easements and rights-of-way for drainage and utilities, park or recreation sites, and lot area, width, depth and shape and pattern as required in this title. (Ord. 98 §4(5), 1966).

16.08.050 Easement.

"Easement" means an easement dedicated to and accepted by the city, which shall be continuing and irrevocable unless formally abandoned by the city. (Ord. 98 §6, 1966).

16.08.060 Final map.

"Final map" refers to a map prepared in accordance with this title, which is designated to be placed on record with the county recorder of the county of Monterey. (Ord. 98 §7, 1966)

16.08.070 Improvement.

"Improvement" refers to such street work, drainage needs and utilities, parks, landscaping, recreation sites or other improvements to be installed, or agreed to be installed by the subdivider on the land to be used for public streets, highways, ways and easements as are necessary for the general use of the lot owners in the subdivision and the surrounding area as a condition precedent to approval and acceptance of the final map thereof. (Ord. 98 §8, 1966).

16.08.080 Lot.

"Lot" means a parcel of land established, or to be established, by the standard subdivision procedure or minor subdivision procedure, as provided herein. (Ord. 98 §9, 1966).

16.08.090 Lot depth.

"Lot depth" means the horizontal distance between the front and rear lot lines, measured in the mean direction of the side lot lines. (Ord. 98 §12, 1966).

16.08.100 Lot depth, average.

"Average lot depth" means the sum of the length of the two side lines of the lot divided by two. (Ord. 98 §ll, 1966).

16.08.110 Lot line, front.

"Front lot line" means, in the case of an interior lot, a line separating the lot from the street, and in the case of a corner lot, a line separating the narrowest street frontage of the lot from the street, except in those cases where the latest tract deed restrictions specify another line as the front lot line. (Ord. 98 §13, 1966).

16.08.120 Lot line, rear.

"Rear lot line" means a lot line which is opposite and most distant from the front lot line and, in the case of an irregular, triangular or goreshaped lot, a line within the lot, parallel to and at the maximum distance from the front lot line, having a length of at least ten feet. (Ord. 98 §14, 1966).

16.08.130 Lot lines, side.

"Side lot lines" means any lot boundary line not a front lot line or a rear lot line. (Ord. 98 §15, 1966).

16.08.140 Lot width.

"Lot width" means the horizontal distance between the side lot lines measured at right angles to the lot depth, at the required front setback line. (Ord. 98 §10, 1966).

16.08.150 Owner.

"Owner" means the individual, firm, partnership or corporation having sufficient propietary interest in the land sought to be subdivided to commence and maintain proceedings to subdivide the same under the ordinance. (Ord. 98 §4(16), 1966).

16.08.160 Parcel map.

Parcel map refers to a map showing the division of land as described in the following cases:

A.    Any parcel, or parcels, of land which is divided into four or fewer parcels;

B.    The whole parcel before division contains less than five acres, each parcel created by the division abuts upon a public street and no dedications or improvements are required;

C.    Any parcel or parcels of land divided into lots or parcels, each of a gross area of twenty acres or more, and each of which has an approved access to a maintained public street;

D.    Any parcel or parcels of land divided into lots or parcels, each of which is forty acres or more;

E.    Any parcel or parcels of land having approved access to a public street which comprises part of a tract of land zoned for industrial development and which has the approval of the governing body as to street alignments and widths, provided, however, that the planning commission may require the filing of a standard subdivision on such industrially zoned land where it deems it in the public interest, approved and filed in accordance with law under the standard subdivision procedure. (Ord. 133 (part), 1973: Ord. 98 §4(17), 1966).

16.08.170 Standard subdivision.

"Standard subdivision" means any map prepared, filed and approved in accordance with the state law and Chapters 16.16 and 16.24 of this title. (Ord. 98 §4(18), 1966).

16.08.180 Subdivider.

"Subdivider" means a person, firm, corporation, partnership, or association who causes land to be subdivided into any number of parcels. (Ord. 98 §4(21), 1966).

16.08.190 Subdivision.

"Subdivision" means any real property, improved or unimproved, or portion thereof, shown on the latest adopted county tax roll as a unit or as contiguous units, which is divided for the purpose of sale, lease, transfer or financing, including condominiums or similar projects whether immediate or future, by any person, firm or corporation or their assigns within any period. Property shall be considered as contiguous units, even if it is separated by roads, streets, utility easements, or railroad rights-of-way. The following, however, are not subdivisions within the meaning of this title:

A.    Leasing of industrial buildings, stores, offices, apartments or similar space within buildings or spaces within a trailer park;

B.    Mineral, oil or gas leases, and cemeteries;

C.    Leases of less than ten years which result in division of land into no more than two parcels;

D.    Any division of property for the sole purpose of adjusting property lines between contiguous parcels when no new building site as defined by the zoning ordinance of the city (Title 17 of this code) is thereby created and where no building site as defined in said zoning ordinance is thereby rendered substandard; provided, that no such division shall be made until it has been determined by the planning director that the proposed division meets the requirements of this subsection. (Ord. 188 §1, 1976: Ord. 98 §4(20), 1966).

16.08.200 Subdivision, minor.

"Minor subdivision" is any division of land into four or fewer lots by use of a parcel map, or other divisions requiring the use of the parcel map as indicated in Section 16.08.160. (Ord. 133 (part), 1973: Ord. 98 §4(19), 1966).

16.08.210 Tentative map.

"Tentative map" means any map made for the purpose of showing the design of a proposed subdivision or parcel map showing the existing conditions in and around it, prepared as required in this title. (Ord. 98 §4(22), 1973).