Chapter 17.34


17.34.010    Purpose

17.34.020    Characteristics of the District

17.34.030    Allowed Uses And Permit Requirements

17.34.040    Development Standards

17.34.010 Purpose:

The professional office zoning district implements the land use policies and land use designation for the professional office (P-O) designation in the general plan. The P-O designation is intended to provide space for medical facilities, business uses, and professional offices. The purposes of the P-O district development standards are to increase employment opportunities, improve Greenfield’s economic vitality, promote attractive development, and ensure minimal impacts on surrounding development. (Ord. 473 §3, 2007)

17.34.020 Characteristics of the District:

The professional office designation is intended for development located along thoroughfares, arterials, or collectors or near existing/planned public transit stops. This designation allows mixed use development with owner-occupied or rental units on the second story and high density development in conjunction with nonresidential development. The designation should be used on sites adjacent to other commercial uses or higher density residential development. The district is intended for office development that may include medical facilities, professional offices such as law firms and real estate, administrative offices, corporate offices, and research and development activities and is characterized by attractive landscaped sites with shared parking areas. Complimentary retail and commercial, including restaurant, uses may be allowed either as secondary uses in office complexes or as separate freestanding facilities. The district regulations are intended to prevent the development of strip commercial centers. Office development should be designed to be pedestrian friendly, but should also be auto accommodating. Development should take advantage of existing or planned public transit opportunities. (Ord. 503 §2, 2014: Ord. 473 §3, 2007).

17.34.030 Allowed Uses And Permit Requirements:

Section 17.26.040, table 17.26-1 of this title identifies allowed uses for the professional office zoning districts subject to compliance with chapter 17.26, "Allowable Land Uses", of this title. Descriptions of many land use listings can be found in division VI, "Zoning Definitions", of this title. (Ord. 473 §3, 2007)

17.34.040 Development Standards:

The development standards listed below, along with relevant applicable design guidelines, are intended to assist property owners and project designers in understanding the city’s minimum requirements and expectations for high quality office development. The designated approving authority will review development applications against these standards to determine compliance with applicable zoning regulations.

TABLE 17.34-1


Development Standard





0 feet

Sides, interior lot

0 feet

Street side, corner lot

0 feet


0 feet




No minimum


No minimum

Height limit2:


Primary structures

40 feet


16 feet

Accessory structures

See chapter 17.46 of this title


See chapter 17.54 of this title

Resource efficiency

See chapter 17.55 of this title


See chapter 17.56 of this title


See chapter 17.58 of this title

Performance standards

See chapter 17.60 of this title


See chapter 17.62 of this title


1.    25 foot rear and side setback required if located adjacent to artisan agriculture and visitor serving, residential, or open space zoning districts or uses.

2.    Buildings or structures located within 100 feet of any artisan agriculture and visitor serving, residential, or open space zoning districts or use has a maximum height of 24 feet.

(Ord. 473 §3, 2007)