Chapter 17.64


17.64.010    Purpose

17.64.020    Required Yard Areas

17.64.030    Setback Measurements

17.64.040    Allowed Encroachments/Projections Into Required Yards

17.64.010 Purpose:

The purpose of this chapter is to establish rules and regulations for setback measurement, yard areas, and encroachments. These provisions, in conjunction with other applicable provisions of this title, are intended to ensure open areas around primary structures, maintain clear visibility for traffic safety and pedestrian access, buffer between property and land uses, and establish natural and visual light and air space privacy, landscaping and recreation. (Ord. 473 §3, 2007)

17.64.020 Required Yard Areas:

The required yard area (front, interior side, street side, and/or rear) of a lot is the horizontal area between the property line and the minimum setback distance for the respective yard pursuant to division III, "Zoning Districts, Allowable Uses, And Development Standards", of this title. Except as otherwise specified in this title, required yard areas shall be kept free of buildings and structures. (Ord. 473 §3, 2007)

17.64.030 Setback Measurements:

All setback distances shall be measured at right angles from the designated property line (e.g., front, interior side, street side, rear) and the setback line shall be drawn parallel to the designated property line at the required setback distance, except as follows:

A.    The rear yard setback on the street side of a double frontage lot is a line parallel to the rear property line abutting the street. However, if an access easement or street right of way line extends into or through a rear yard, the minimum rear yard setback distance shall be measured at right angles from the access easement or right of way line; and

B.    Where the side lot lines converge to a point with two (2) or three (3) lines, the rear yard setback shall be measured from an imaginary line drawn parallel to the front property line from a distance of ten feet (10') from the point at which the lines converge. (Ord. 473 §3, 2007)

17.64.040 Allowed Encroachments/Projections Into Required Yards:

A.    In addition to the detached structures listed in chapters 17.46, "Accessory Structures", and 17.52, "Fences And Walls", of this title, the following structures and architectural features attached to the main building may project into required yards as listed in table 17.64-1 of this section.

B.    For single-family residential development, a portion of the main building may project into the required rear yard area, provided that an equal area of the buildable portion of the lot (this area can be anywhere on the lot) is provided as a yard or court.

TABLE 17.64-1



Encroachment Distance Into Required Setback

Front Yard

Side Yard

Rear Yard

Uncovered porches or stairways, fire escapes or landing places higher than 30 inches above grade

6 feet1

4 feet or 1/2 required setback, whichever is less1

6 feet1

Fireplaces, bay windows, porches, pergolas, awnings, trellis and decks and patios higher than 30 inches above grade

2 feet1, 2

Canopies, cornices, eaves, canopies, and roof overhangs

2 feet1


1.    However, all such encroachments shall maintain a minimum 3 foot setback from all property lines and a minimum distance of 6 feet from any other structure.

2.    The combined length of all such features shall not account for more than 25 percent of the length of the wall surface on which the features are located.

(Ord. 473 §3, 2007)