Chapter 17.65


17.65.010    Purpose And Intent

17.65.020    Development Standards

17.65.010 Purpose And Intent:

Alleys may be included in new developments for access and utility undergrounding. They should be landscaped for appearance and pedestrian comfort. The purpose of this chapter is to establish dimensional standards for alleys. These provisions are intended to provide opportunity for secondary access, rear access to properties and second units, and to allow access to properties where curb cuts are not permitted on primary street frontages. (Ord. 473 §3, 2007)

17.65.020 Development Standards:

Alleys shall have clear visibility for traffic and pedestrian safety. Alley rights of way shall be twenty feet (20') wide. Travel lanes shall be paved and have a minimum width of fourteen feet (14'). Alleys shall be landscaped and have positive surface water drainage connecting to the municipal storm drainage system. Landscape parkways shall be three feet (3') both sides of the travel lane and shall include trees and ground cover. Distance from travel lane to entry of garage shall be eight feet (8') and paved for a length of twenty feet (20') to allow for an eight by twenty foot (8 x 20') parking area within the property line. (Ord. 473 §3, 2007)