Chapter 17.73


17.73.010    Purpose

17.73.020    Permit Requirements And Exemptions

17.73.030    Development And Operational Standards

17.73.040    Design Standards

17.73.010 Purpose:

The purpose of this chapter is to reinforce the standards which are intended to ensure that the design, operation, and management of bed and breakfast inns are compatible with the surrounding areas, integrate into the natural and built environment, and contribute to the unique character of Greenfield. (Ord. 473 §3, 2007)

17.73.020 Permit Requirements And Exemptions:

A conditional use permit is required for most bed and breakfast establishments. The use shall be harmonious and compatible with that of the neighborhood and surrounding area. The on site parking requirements for a bed and breakfast inn are one space for the inn, and one for each guestroom. A permit is required for a sign for the business. One noninternally illuminated sign may be included in the issuance of the use. (Ord. 473 §3, 2007)

17.73.030 Development And Operational Standards:

A bed and breakfast inn shall be managed and occupied by an owner of record of the property. Any bed and breakfast inn that provides food service to its guests must comply with Monterey County health department rules and state of California laws regulating food handling establishments. It is a requirement of the city of Greenfield that the inn operator reside on the property. Guests may stay no longer than thirty (30) days at bed and breakfast inns in Greenfield, and at least a seven (7) day period must pass between stays. Food service is limited to meals and refreshments served before eleven o’clock (11:00) A.M. No alcoholic beverages may be sold to guests, and no cooking shall be permitted in the rooms of the inn. (Ord. 473 §3, 2007)

17.73.040 Design Standards:

If there would be changes to the building facade or landscaping in conjunction with the establishment of the bed and breakfast inn, design review board approval may be needed. Any proposed bed and breakfast must havecompatible scale, landscaping, and architectural character to the neighborhood. Excessive amounts of paving shall not be allowed and paving shall be proportionate to the site size. The bed and breakfast inn will be subject to building department inspection for compliance with applicable codes. Any bed and breakfast inn must comply with all building and fire department codes. Bed and breakfast inns must be registered with the city and are subject to applicable transient occupancy regulations. (Ord. 473 §3, 2007)