Chapter 17.88


17.88.010    Purpose

17.88.020    Permit Requirements

17.88.030    Development Standards For Residential Care Facilities

17.88.010 Purpose:

The purpose of this chapter is to establish standards for review of residential care homes and facilities in compliance with state law. Residential care homes and facilities provide a cost effective, humane and noninstitutional environment for state licensed operations. In order to protect the public health, safety and welfare and to preserve and protect the integrity of residential neighborhoods, provisions herein are intended to prevent an overconcentration of residential care facilities. (Ord. 473 §3, 2007)

17.88.020 Permit Requirements:

A permit is required for residential care facilities in accordance with chapter 17.16, "Permit Requirements", of this title. (Ord. 473 §3, 2007)

17.88.030 Development Standards For Residential Care Facilities:

In addition to the development standards of the underlying zoning district, residential care facilities shall comply with the following standards:

A.    Licensed: Residential care facilities shall be licensed by the appropriate state or county agency and shall comply with all licensing requirements thereof.

B.    Separation: To prevent an overconcentration of facilities in anyone area, no residential care facility shall be allowed to be located within one thousand feet (1,000') of the boundaries of a parcel with another such facility.

C.    Parking: Parking shall comply with applicable provisions of chapter 17.58, "Parking", of this title.

D.    Signs: In residential neighborhoods, all identification signs for uses listed herein are restricted to the size and location provisions for home occupation signs. Signs for residential care facilities located on nonresidential property shall comply with provisions of chapter 17.62, "Signs", of this title. (Ord. 473 §3, 2007)