Chapter 20.08


20.08.010    Concessions

20.08.020    Demonstration Of Need

20.08.030    List Of Incentives

20.08.040    Type Of Bonus Provided

20.08.010 Concessions:

Incentives consist of regulatory concessions including, but not limited to, reduction in development standards or modification of zoning or other development requirements. Incentives also consist of financial concessions, grants, refunds, waivers which reduce or avoid project costs. (Ord. 398 §1, 1997).

20.08.020 Demonstration Of Need:

Developers requesting incentives must demonstrate how the incentive is necessary to provide an affordable housing project under the statute, that is, to provide twenty percent (20%) of the units as affordable to low incomes or ten percent (10%) of the units as affordable to very low incomes. The City may decline to grant incentives upon a written finding supported by factual documentation that the incentive is not necessary to provide an affordable housing project. A project which proposes to provide more than twenty percent (20%) low income housing or more than ten percent (10%) very low income housing is presumed not to need additional incentives to provide an affordable housing project. (Ord. 398 §1, 1997).

20.08.030 List Of Incentives:

The Planning Director shall prepare and maintain a list of regulatory, financial and other incentives that the City will consider. Developers may consult this list when preparing their project applications. (Ord. 398 §1, 1997).

20.08.040 Tvpe Of Bonus Provided:

The City will not provide equivalent financial incentives instead of a density bonus. (Ord. 398 §1, 1997).