12-3.1 Inspection And Fee To Accompany Business License Application:

All applications for business licenses shall be accompanied with a fire clearance inspection and fire clearance fee. (Code 1972 §12-28; Ord. #1035, §1; Ord. #1183, §2)

12-3.2 Statement Of Fire Clearance Fees To Be Filed With City Clerk:

The fire chief, no later than December 1 of each year, shall prepare and file with the city clerk a statement of fire clearance fees due and payable for the January 1 calendar year. Such fire clearance fee shall be billed and payable with the annual issuance of licenses and license fees. (Code 1972 §12-29; Ord. #1035, §1; Ord. #1183, §2)

12-3.3 Fire Clearance Fee Required In Full With Application Therefor:

When application for fire clearance is made in the last three (3) months of the year, the full fire clearance fee shall be collected. The fire clearance permit will be issued effective through the end of the following year. (Code 1972 §12-30; Ord. #1035, §1; Ord. #1183, §2)

12-3.4 Annual Fee:

An annual fee in an amount established by resolution of the city council shall be charged for fire department fire clearance inspections. (Code 1972 §12-31; Ord. #1035, §1; Ord. #1133, §1; Ord. #1140, §19; Ord. #1183, §2)

12-3.5 Waivers For Certain Organizations:

Fire clearances and plan checks, when required by public schools, parochial schools or private schools, when operated by a nonprofit corporation or organization, shall be waived; however, such schools shall be required to make application and obtain such fire clearances or plan checks. (Code 1972 §12-32; Ord. #1035, §1; Ord. #1183, §2)