Chapter 2.44


2.44.010    Declaration of need.

2.44.020    Creation—Title.

2.44.030    City council declared agency.

*    Code reviser’s note: Ord. 2011-04 authorizes the continuation of the redevelopment agency and participation in the alternative voluntary redevelopment program. Contact the city for more information.

2.44.010 Declaration of need.

The city council declares, pursuant to the provisions of the Community Redevelopment Law of the state of California, that there is a need for a redevelopment agency to function in the city. (Ord. 85-6 § 1 (part), 1985)

2.44.020 Creation—Title.

A redevelopment agency is authorized to transact business and exercise its powers under the Community Redevelopment Law with the city, and is designated the “Marina redevelopment agency.” (Ord. 85-6 § 1 (part), 1985)

2.44.030 City council declared agency.

Pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 33200, as amended, of the Community Redevelopment Law, the city council does declare itself to be the Marina redevelopment agency, and the councilmembers shall constitute the legislative body of the agency. The council finds that this action shall serve the public interest and promote the public safety and welfare in an effective manner. (Ord. 85-6 § 1 (part), 1985)