Chapter 10.52


10.52.010    Street prohibitions.

10.52.020    Commercial vehicle parking—Prohibited on public property.

10.52.030    Parking permits.

10.52.040    Designation of commercial parking areas.

10.52.050    Signs authorized.

10.52.010 Street prohibitions.

A.    Whenever any resolution or ordinance of this city designates and describes any street or portion thereof as a street the use of which is prohibited by any commercial vehicle, the city traffic engineer shall erect and maintain appropriate signs on those streets affected by such ordinance.

B.    Those streets and parts of streets established by resolution of the council are declared to be streets, the use of which is prohibited by any commercial vehicle. The provisions of this section shall not apply to passenger buses under the jurisdiction of the Public Utilities Commission. (Ord. 79-15 § 10.52.010, 1979)

10.52.020 Commercial vehicle parking—Prohibited on public property.

No registered owner shall leave, park or allow to be parked any commercial vehicle, as defined in Vehicle Code Section 260, or transport trailer having a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating of ten thousand pounds or more, upon any street, alley, right-of-way or publicly owned lot in the city except as follows:

A.    When making pickups or deliveries of goods, wares and merchandise from or to any building or structure or for the purpose of delivering materials to be used in the actual and bona fide repair, alteration, remodeling or construction of any building or structure for which a building permit has been obtained;

B.    When such parking is permitted by virtue of signs posted in such area which signs contain substantially the following language: “Commercial Vehicle Parking Permitted”;

C.    When a permit has been issued pursuant to Section 10.52.030. (Ord. 97-6 § 1, 1997)

10.52.030 Parking permits.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 10.52.020, any person wishing to park a restricted commercial vehicle owned by him on the street immediately in front of his own residence may do so after first obtaining an annual permit for such use from the director of public safety after receiving an application therefor, accompanied by an annual nonrefundable fee as established by resolution of the city council to defray in part of cost of investigation, inspection and enforcement of this title, and upon determining:

A.    That the parking of the vehicle in question in the area specified at the applicant’s residence shall not constitute a safety hazard for other persons using said street; and

B.    That all adjacent neighbors of the applicant, residing on the same street as applicant and within three hundred feet of the proposed parking area in front of said applicant’s residence, do not object to the issuance of such permit for a one year period and have so indicated by signing a statement to that effect on a form provided by the department of public safety. (Ord. 79-15 § 10.52.030, 1979)

10.52.040 Designation of commercial parking areas.

The city council by resolution may designate such areas as it deems appropriate where commercial vehicles may be parked on public streets, alleys, rights-of way or publicly owned lots such designation to be effective upon the director of public works posting the signs as described in Section 10.52.20B as are appropriate. (Ord. 97-6 § 2, 1997)

10.52.050 Signs authorized.

Signs shall be conspicuously posted and maintained at all street entrances to the city in at least one and one-half inch high letters containing the following language: “Commercial vehicle and transport trailer parking prohibited on streets of Marina except as posted.” (Ord. 97-6 § 3, 1997)