Chapter 13.06


13.06.010    Adoption of county ordinance by reference.

13.06.020    Changes in terminology.

13.06.010 Adoption of county ordinance by reference.

Ordinance No. 1836, relating to health and sanitation (sewers, septic tanks, etc.) of the county of Monterey, state of California, is adopted by reference pursuant to the authority of Government Code Section 50020 et seq. (Ord. 96-25 § 1(24) (part), 1996)

13.06.020 Changes in terminology.

In the Monterey County ordinance, adopted by reference by this chapter, any reference to “planning commission,” “board of zoning adjustment,” “board of appeals” or “zoning administrator” shall mean the planning commission of the city of Marina; references to “board of supervisors” shall mean the city council of the city of Marina; and references to an office, official title, or other designation means that office, title or designation in the government structure of the city, or if there is none, the official or title holder in the city who performs the function or duty referred to. (Ord. 96-25 § 1(24) (part), 1996)