Chapter 16.08


16.08.010    Purpose.

16.08.020    Applicability.

16.08.030    Application materials.

16.08.040    Tentative map contents.

16.08.050    Public notice.

16.08.060    Action by the planning commission.

16.08.070    Action by the city council.

16.08.080    Notice of final city action.

16.08.010 Purpose.

Tentative maps provide a means for obtaining review and approval of proposed land divisions. Tentative maps shall be prepared and approved in accordance with the Subdivision Map Act and the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 2007-08 § 4 (Exh. A (part)), 2007)

16.08.020 Applicability.

A tentative map shall be required for all subdivision, reconfiguration and consolidation of real property for which a final map is required. (Ord. 2007-08 § 4 (Exh. A (part)), 2007)

16.08.030 Application materials.

Application for a tentative map shall be made to the community development department on forms provided by the community development department, accompanied by the required filing fee. Application for a tentative map or maps shall comply with Chapter 16.06 as to improvement requirements, and shall include the following materials:

A.    The city tentative map application form;

B.    Eight copies, one digital copy in AutoCAD, and one reproducible seven and one-half-inch by nine and one-half-inch image on eight-inch by ten-inch paper of the tentative map (see proposed contents below), and the statement for the proposed subdivision of any land;

C.    Current preliminary title report(s) for affected parcels, not more than six months old, issued by a title company, shall accompany any tentative map filed pursuant to this section;

D.    For purposes of a field investigation and prior to filing of a tentative map of a subdivision, critical points on proposed hillside roads as determined by the engineering services manager shall be slope staked by flagging to indicate the general limits of cut and fill slopes if average cross slope exceeds ten percent. Typical locations of slopes staked shall be designated on a copy of the tentative map;

E.    A preliminary soils report shall be prepared by a registered geotechnical engineer and shall include the following:

1.    Such report shall be based on adequate test borings or excavations and shall recommend corrective action. The preliminary soils report may be waived if the city determines that, due to the knowledge as to the qualities of the soil within the subdivision or lot, no preliminary analysis is necessary.

2.    If the preliminary soils report indicates the presence of critically expansive soils or other soil problems which, if not corrected, would lead to structural defects, a soils investigation of each lot so affected in the subdivision shall be made by the city;

F.    Architectural elevations and schematic plans for proposed buildings;

G.    A layout of the proposed method of sewage disposal, potable water supply and fire protection systems;

H.    Geotechnical reports for the subdivision area;

I.    Preliminary grading and landscaping plans; and

J.    A copy of any existing or proposed codes, covenants and restrictions, or covenants otherwise regulating or restricting the use of the land within the subdivision shall be attached to the above statement;

K.    Hydrology report showing the project’s ability to meet city standards for stormwater retention;

L.    Accompanying the tentative map, or placed on the map, shall be statements by the subdivider containing the following:

1.    Existing zoning and proposed uses of the land,

2.    Intentions regarding erosion control and improvements to be constructed, as required in Chapter 16.06 and by other ordinances of the city,

3.    Details on the height, size, and location of proposed buildings, including building setback lines,

4.    A phasing plan and schedule for the development of the subdivision,

5.    Number of trees proposed for removal and preservation,

6.    Proposed quantities of cut and fill,

7.    Proposed public areas to be dedicated and common area or scenic easements proposed, including designation of public and private streets; and, if shoreline property, geologic report on definition of sand beach area to be dedicated. If common areas are proposed, method of maintenance shall be stated,

8.    Distance to the proposed subdivision of existing public parks and open space,

9.    Proposed development of lots, that is, whether for sale as lots, fully developed house and lot, or for lease and/or for financing purposes. (Ord. 2007-08 § 4 (Exh. A (part)), 2007)

16.08.040 Tentative map contents.

Each tentative and vesting tentative map shall contain the following information:

A.    A sketch at a minimum scale of one inch is equal to two thousand feet indicating the location of the proposed subdivision in relation to the surrounding area or region and showing land use in surrounding area. All to be indicated on the tentative map.

B.    Name and address of record owner and subdivider.

C.    Name and address of surveyor or engineer who prepared said tentative map.

D.    Date, north point (generally up on the map) and scale. Minimum scale one inch is equal to one hundred feet. Minimum map size eighteen inches by twenty-six inches.

E.    Name of proposed subdivision and of all adjacent subdivisions; locations of, grades and widths of public and private streets, highways, alleys and ways, together with the type and location of street improvements thereon including fire hydrants and street light locations.

F.    On separate sheets, the contour elevations of the existing and proposed land at one foot intervals on slopes up to five percent; two-foot intervals on slopes up to ten percent and five-foot intervals on slopes over ten percent. Contours shall be indicated in contiguous lands for a distance of two hundred feet. Every fifth contour line shall be a heavier weight line. Existing and proposed retaining walls with top of wall elevation shall also be shown.

G.    Within coastal dune and immediately surrounding areas indicate to scale all primary and secondary habitat area(s).

H.    Sufficient data to define the boundaries of the tract, or a legal description of the tract. Tentative map to show any proposed units of final map.

I.    Width, approximate location and purpose of all existing and proposed easements and easements adjoining such land.

J.    The location of lateral and vertical beach accessway easements by metes and bounds or other description sufficient in detail to show designation width and designation of area as access easements.

K.    The location of the edge of sandy beach frontage as defined by a qualified geologist or oceanographer and description sufficient in detail to show designation of area as a public easement.

L.    The approximate radii of all curves.

M.    All lots numbered consecutively throughout each block in the development; the approximate dimensions of all lots; pad elevations; lot areas; number of lots; minimum lot size; average lot size; and density.

N.    All undevelopable areas lettered consecutively.

O.    The approximate location of areas subject to inundation by storm water, and the location, width and direction of flow of all water courses existing and proposed.

P.    The location and outline to scale of each existing building or structure within the subdivision and the location and designation of uses of each structure in contiguous areas within one hundred feet of the boundary thereof; noting thereon whether or not such building or structure within the subdivision is to be removed from or remain in the subdivision, and its existing and proposed use.

Q.    Show approximate elevation of streets, street intersections and building pads.

R.    The location, pipe size and approximate grades of proposed sanitary sewers, storm drains and water lines; and the proposed location of fire hydrants and street lights, electric power, gas lines, T.V. cables and storm drains.

S.    The horizontal and vertical location of existing fences, ditches, wells, sumps, cesspools, reservoirs, sewers, culverts, drain pipes, underground structure, utility lines or sand, gravel or other excavation within the subdivision, noting thereon whether they are to be abandoned or used. The location of utility lines and sand, gravel or other excavation within three hundred feet of any portion of the subdivision shall be shown.

T.    Line of high water when adjacent to any stream or waterway, and, when adjacent to the ocean, lines defining the ocean side of dunes, the area subject to wave erosion in the next fifty years, and the tsunami run-up zone.

U.    If a condominium or similar development is proposed, the word “condominium” or appropriate name shall be indicated on the tentative map.

V.    Gross area of subdivision and open space calculated to nearest tenth (0.1) acre.

W.    Any other information deemed necessary by the community development director to clearly describe the proposed project. (Ord. 2007-08 § 4 (Exh. A (part)), 2007) (Ord. No. 2009-04, § 4(Exh. A), 9-1-2009)

16.08.050 Public notice.

A.    Public Hearings Shall be Held on All Tentative Maps. Notice of such hearings shall be published and posted, including on-site posting, at least one time not less than ten days before the date of the public hearing. The notice shall include the following information:

1.    The time and place of the public hearing;

2.    The hearing body or officer;

3.    A general explanation of the matter to be considered;

4.    A general description of the property in text or diagrammatic form;

5.    Map preparer/subdivider representative.

B.    Specific Hearing Notification. Notices of public hearings shall be mailed or delivered to the following people/entities at least ten days prior to the hearing:

1.    Either the owner of the subject property or the owner’s duly authorized agent;

2.    The project subdivider;

3.    Each agency expected to provide water, sewage, streets, roads, schools or other essential facilities or services to the project, whose ability to provide those facilities and services may be significantly affected;

4.    All owners of real property within five hundred feet of the property in question, as shown on the latest updated equalized assessment roll.

5.    All persons required to be noticed for a coastal development permit application. (Ord. 2007-08 § 4 (Exh. A (part)), 2007) (Ord. No. 2009-04, § 4(Exh. A), 9-1-2009)

16.08.060 Action by the planning commission.

A.    The community development director shall examine said application and supporting data for compliance with the requirements of this title and shall accept said application for filing when all requirements are met. Once the community development director accepts an application for filing, staff shall prepare a report and recommendation for planning commission consideration. The planning commission shall hold a public hearing to review the proposed tentative map and staff report and forward a report to the city council stating whether the tentative map of a standard subdivision is in conformity with provisions of law and this chapter, and shall recommend conditions as necessary and findings required by Section 66474 of the Subdivision Map Act as follows:

1.    That the proposed map is consistent with applicable general and specific plans, and the local coastal program.

2.    That the design or improvement of the proposed subdivision is consistent with applicable general and specific plans, and the local coastal program.

3.    That the site is physically suitable for the type of development;

4.    That the site is physically suitable for the proposed density of development;

5.    That the design of the subdivision or the proposed improvements have been analyzed and found not likely to cause substantial environmental damage or substantially and avoidably injure fish or wildlife or their habitat, in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act;

6.    That the design of the subdivision or type of improvements is not likely to cause serious public health problems;

7.    That the design of the subdivision or the type of improvements will not conflict with easements of record, acquired by the public at large, for access through or use of, property within the proposed subdivision, or that the map provides alternate easements, for access or for use, and that these will be substantially equivalent to ones previously acquired by the public.

8.    That the design of the new subdivision or type of improvements will not result in nor facilitate the creation of development sites within primary habitat areas.

B.    The planning commission may, in addition to other causes therefore, recommend disapproval of a tentative map because of flood, inundation, geologic or slide hazards and may require protective improvements to be constructed, as a condition of approval of the map. (Ord. 2007-08 § 4 (Exh. A (part)), 2007) (Ord. No. 2009-04, § 4(Exh. A), 9-1-2009)

16.08.070 Action by the city council.

Within fifty days after the community development director accepts the application for filing, and after receipt of the report of the planning commission on the tentative map, the city council shall hold a public hearing to act thereon subject to all notice requirements of Section 16.08.050 above. The city council shall determine whether or not the proposed tentative map meets the requirements of this and any other applicable ordinances, including the local coastal program, and shall thereafter approve, conditionally approve or deny said tentative map. (Ord. 2007-08 § 4 (Exh. A (part)), 2007) (Ord. No. 2009-04, § 4(Exh. A), 9-1-2009)

16.08.080 Notice of final city action.

Following city council action, notice of the city’s action shall be provided pursuant to the administrative procedures for coastal development permits (see page 15 of the local coastal program implementation plan). (Ord. No. 2009-04, § 4(Exh. A), 9-1-2009)