Chapter 17.25


17.25.010    Generally.

17.25.020    Uses permitted.

17.25.030    Conditional uses.

*    Prior ordinance history: Ord. 82-14.

17.25.010 Generally.

The following regulations shall apply in all C-D districts and shall be subject to the provisions of Chapter 17.06. (Zoning ordinance dated 7/94 (part), 1994)

17.25.020 Uses permitted.

None. (Zoning ordinance dated 7/94 (part), 1994)

17.25.030 Conditional uses.

Uses subject to first obtaining a coastal development permit in each case:

A.    Coastal research and educational uses; developed public access and other coastally dependent recreation uses; coastal-dependent industrial uses including but not limited to marine agriculture (mariculture), dredge pond, surf zone and offshore sand extraction; in severely disrupted areas and those portions of parcels currently subject to dune mining activity, dune mining; and on parcels combined with the Coastal Zone secondary use combining district or SU districts, visitor-serving uses such as visitor accommodations;

B.    Regulations for coastal conservation and development uses shall be specified in the coastal development permit. The permit-issuing body may approve permit applications if the following factors, where relevant are found to apply:

1.    There is adequate protection and/or provision of public access from the nearest roadway to the ocean, and uninterrupted lateral access,

2.    Development is limited to already disturbed areas,

3.    Rare and endangered plant and animal habitats are adequately protected,

4.    Grading and roadway construction are the minimum necessary for the development,

5.    Views from the State Highway and from the ocean edge are protected,

6.    There are sufficient provisions for public safety,

7.    All significant adverse environmental effects are either avoided or adequately mitigated,

8.    All major and minor subdivisions of land shall provide for sufficient size and configuration to allow for coastally dependent uses or where none are feasible visitor-serving commercial uses consistent with the local coastal land use plan. All parcels must contain sufficient shoreline frontage. (Zoning ordinance dated 7/94 (part), 1994)