Chapter 17.38


17.38.010    Generally.

17.38.020    Permitted uses.

17.38.030    Conditional uses.

*    Prior ordinance history: Ord. 77-10.

17.38.010 Generally.

The regulations in this chapter shall apply in all districts with which are combined X districts, in addition to the regulations hereinbefore specified therefor, and shall be subject to the provisions of Chapter 17.06; provided, however, that if any of the regulations specified in this chapter differ from any of the corresponding regulations specified in this title for any district with which is combined an X district, then in such case the provisions of this chapter shall govern. (Zoning ordinance dated 7/94 (part), 1994)

17.38.020 Permitted uses.

Uses permitted in the X districts shall be all uses permitted in the respective district with which the X district is combined. (Zoning ordinance dated 7/94 (part), 1994)

17.38.030 Conditional uses.

Uses permitted in the X districts, subject to first securing a use permit in each case, and subject to maintaining the density as specified on the zoning maps designating any such districts, shall be as follows:

A.    Campgrounds;

B.    Tent camps;

C.    Trailer camps;

D.    Automobile courts;

E.    Trout farms;

F.    Other uses which are of the same general character as those above enumerated;

G.    Mobile home parks. (Zoning ordinance dated 7/94 (part), 1994)