Chapter 5.36


5.36.010    Gasoline prices—Posting required.

5.36.020    Repealed.

5.36.010 Gasoline prices—Posting required.

A. Every person, firm, partnership, association, trustee or corporation which owns, operates, manages, leases or rents a gasoline service station or other facility offering for sale, selling or otherwise dispensing gasoline to the public from such a facility abutting or adjacent to a street or highway shall post or cause to be posted or displayed and maintained at the premises at least one sign which is clearly visible from all traffic lanes in each direction on such street or highway.

B. Each sign shall be readable from the traffic lanes and shall indicate thereof the actual price per gallon, including all taxes, at which each grade of gasoline is currently being offered for sale, sold or otherwise dispensed, if at all, at the facility on the date.

C. Each sign posted, displayed or maintained pursuant to the requirements of this section shall be consistent with the provisions of the city’s sign ordinance. (Ord. 966 § 1, 1983: prior code § 4288)

5.36.020 Alcoholic beverages—Sale prohibited—Exceptions.

Repealed by Ord. 1446. (Ord. 915 § 1, 1982: prior code § 4290)