Title 8


8.04    Solid Waste Disposal

8.05    Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Program

8.06    Expanded Polystyrene

8.07    Plastic Bottled Beverages and Water Bottle Filling Stations

8.08    Hazardous Weeds and Debris

8.09    Single-Use Straws

8.12    Abatement of Dangerous Obstructions in Streambeds

8.14    Tobacco Retailer Licenses

8.16    Smoking Prohibited and Secondhand Smoke Control

8.17    Cigarette Vending Machines

8.18    Regulation of the Sale and Distribution of Tobacco Products

8.20    Food Handling

8.22    Offensive Odors

8.24    Nuisance Abatement

8.28    Hazardous Chemicals Transport

8.32    Liability for Costs of Response to Hazardous Waste or Substance
Spills, Releases and Other Incidents