Chapter 9.20


9.20.010    Repealed.

9.20.020    Automatic calling devices.

9.20.030    Regulation of vehicle use upon private property.

9.20.040    Cardrooms.

9.20.050    Urination in public.

9.20.010 Fortunetelling.

Repealed by Ord. 1346. (Prior code § 4221)

9.20.020 Automatic calling devices.

A. No person, except a public utility engaged in the business of providing communications, services and facilities, shall use or operate, attempt to use or operate, or cause to be used or operated, or arrange, adjust, program or otherwise provide or install any device or combination of devices that will, upon activation, either mechanically, electronically or by other automatic means, initiate an intrastate call and deliver a recorded message to any telephone number used for the receipt of emergency or governmental administrative messages by the city police department or the city fire department.

B. The term “telephone number” includes any additional numbers associated with such emergency or governmental administrative telephone number through the use of a rotary or other system whereby additional telephone calls to the number are connected to other numbers when the first number is in use. (Prior code § 4227)

9.20.030 Regulation of vehicle use upon private property.

A. No person shall drive a motor vehicle for recreational, sporting or competitive activities upon the unimproved portions of any lands belonging to or occupied by another without having and, upon request of a peace officer, displaying written permission from the owner of such lands or his or her agent, or the person in lawful possession thereof.

B. If a person arrested or cited for a violation of this section has been arrested or cited by the police department for a previous violation of this section within the preceding twelve-month period, the arresting officer shall impound the vehicle or device involved in the violation. The owner of the vehicle or device may reclaim it upon proof satisfactory to the chief of police (1) that it will not be so unlawfully used in the future, or (2) that the previous arrest or citation was invalid or erroneous.

C. For the first vehicle impounded under this section for any owner, the written representations of the adult owner, or the parents of a juvenile owner, that the vehicle will not be so used again shall be deemed to be “proof satisfactory.” Any person dissatisfied with a ruling of the chief of police may appeal the ruling directly to the council. (Prior code § 4289)

9.20.040 Cardrooms.

A. No person shall conduct, maintain, manage, operate, carry on or cause to be conducted, maintained, managed, operated or carried on, any cardroom or other business where tables or other items of furniture are used directly or indirectly for playing cards or card games and for the use of which a fee, commission or compensation is directly or indirectly charged to, or accepted or received from, players or participants in any such playing of cards or card games.

B. A “cardroom” means any space, room or enclosure furnished or equipped with a table or tables, or other items of furniture, used or intended to be used as a card table for the playing of cards, and the use of which is available to the public or any portion of the public; provided, that “cardroom” shall not include a room in which the sole card game played is bridge.

C. The provisions of this section shall not apply to a bona fide nonprofit society, club or organization; provided, the society, club or organization shall pay no salary or other consideration to the people employed in or by it; and further provided, the entire receipts from the operation of a cardroom business otherwise prohibited by this section be used solely for charitable or benevolent purposes. (Ord. 987 § 1, 1983: prior code § 4550)

9.20.050 Urination in public.

No person shall urinate or defecate while on any city street, sidewalk, alley, roadway, parking lot, publicly maintained place or while in any other place, public or private, which is open to public view. (Ord. 1083 § 1, 1986)