Title 10


10.04    Definitions

10.08    Administration

10.12    Enforcement and Obedience to Traffic Regulations

10.14    Traffic-Control Devices

10.16    Turning Movements

10.20    One-Way Streets and Alleys

10.24    Special Stops Required

10.28    Miscellaneous Driving Rules

10.32    Pedestrian Regulations

10.34    Overnight Camping Prohibited on City Streets and City-Owned Parking Areas

10.36    Stopping, Standing and Parking for Certain Purposes or in Certain Places

10.40    Stopping, Standing or Parking Restricted or Prohibited in Certain Areas

10.44    Stopping for Loading or Unloading Only

10.48    Restricted Use of Certain Streets

10.52    Parking Meters

10.56    Speed Zones

10.60    Obstructions to Visibility

10.64    Parking Revenues, Fines and Forfeitures

10.68    Inoperative Vehicles

10.72    Bicycles

10.76    Coasters, Roller Skates and Similar Devices

10.80    Oversize and Overweight Vehicles

10.84    Minimum Penalty for Traffic Violations