Chapter 17.18


17.18.010    Noise.

17.18.020    Vibration.

17.18.030    Illumination.

17.18.040    Air contaminants.

17.18.050    Discharges to water or public sewer system.

17.18.060    Heat.

17.18.070    Solid waste.

17.18.080    Energy conservation.

17.18.090    General and special conditions.

*Ord. 1265 § 2 Ex. A, adopted June 21, 1994, amended former Chapter 17.18, §§ 17.18.010 — 17.18.080, pertaining to performance standards in its entirety to read as herein set out. The provisions of former Chapter 17.18 derived from Ord. 1102 § 1 Ex. A (13), 1987; Ord. 941 § 1 (part), 1982: prior code § 9202.6 (A) — (H).

17.18.010 Noise.

No use shall be established nor any activity conducted which violates the standards of the noise ordinance (Chapter 9.12 of this code). (Ord. 1265 § 2 Ex. A, 1994)

17.18.020 Vibration.

Subject to the exceptions in Section 17.18.010(C), no activity shall be conducted which causes ground vibrations perceptible at the property line. (Ord. 1265 § 2 Ex. A, 1994)

17.18.030 Illumination.

No lighting or illuminated device shall be operated so as to create glare which creates a hazard or nuisance on other property. (Ord. 1265 § 2 Ex. A, 1994)

17.18.040 Air contaminants.

A. No use or activity shall be conducted without first obtaining any required permit from the county air pollution control district.

B. Uses shall be conducted to prevent dust or other airborne material from crossing property lines. (Ord. 1265 § 2 Ex. A, 1994)

17.18.050 Discharges to water or public sewer system.

A. Discharges to groundwater or waterways, whether direct or indirect, shall conform with the requirements of the city’s storm water quality ordinance, set forth in Chapter 12.08, and city standards, as well as requirements of the State and Regional Water Quality Control Boards, the California Department of Fish and Game and any other regulatory agency with jurisdiction over the activity.

B. Discharges to the city sewer system shall conform to Article II of Chapter 13.08 of this code. (Ord. 1543 § 8, 2010; Ord. 1265 § 2 Ex. A, 1994)

17.18.060 Heat.

No activity shall be conducted which causes radiant heat or a stream of heated air resulting in a temperature increase of more than twenty degrees Fahrenheit at any property line or any public right-of-way. (Ord. 1265 § 2 Ex. A, 1994)

17.18.070 Solid waste.

Solid wastes shall be handled and stored so as to prevent nuisances, health and fire hazards, and to facilitate recycling. Suitable containers shall be provided to prevent blowing or scattering of trash by animals. Suitable space and containers shall be provided to encourage on-site sorting and collection of recyclables. (Ord. 1265 § 2 Ex. A, 1994)

17.18.080 Energy conservation.

The use of conventional energy sources for space heating and cooling, water heating, and illumination shall be minimized by means of proper design and orientation, including provision and protection of solar exposure. (Ord. 1265 § 2 Ex. A, 1994)

17.18.090 General and special conditions.

These performance standards are general requirements and shall not be construed to prevent the director, council, planning commission, or architectural review commission from imposing, as part of project approval, specific conditions which may be more restrictive, in order to meet the intent of these regulations. (Ord. 1265 § 2 Ex. A, 1994)