Chapter 17.48


17.48.010    Purpose and application.

17.48.020    Property development standards.

17.48.010 Purpose and application.

The M zone is intended to provide for assembly, fabrication, and other manufacturing activities in addition to those permitted in the C-S zone, and for limited sales and services to local consumers. The M zone implements and is consistent with the services and manufacturing land use category of the general plan, and is intended to be applied primarily to areas served by, but with limited or no frontage on, arterial streets. (Ord. 1438 § 1 (part), 2003: Ord. 941 § 1 (part), 1982: prior code § 9203.13(A))

17.48.020 Property development standards.

The property development standards for the M zone are as follows:

A. Maximum density: Twenty-four units per net acre (see Section 17.16.010).

B. Yards. Minimum street yards shall be:

1. Where no building adjoins, five feet (requirement for parking lots and signs);

2. For buildings twenty feet and less in height, ten feet;

3. For buildings more than twenty feet in height, fifteen feet;

4. Other yards shall be as provided in the zone of any adjacent lot;

5. See also Section 17.16.020.

C. Maximum height: Thirty-five feet (see also Sections 17.16.020 and 17.16.040).

D. Maximum coverage: Seventy-five percent (see also Section 17.16.030).

E. Maximum floor area ratio: the ratio of gross building floor area to site area shall not exceed 1.5.

F. Standard Lot Dimensions.

1. Minimum lot area: Nine thousand square feet.

2. Minimum lot width: Sixty feet.

3. Minimum lot depth: One hundred feet.

4. Minimum street frontage: Forty feet.

G. Parking requirements: See Section 17.16.060.

H. Off‑street loading requirements:

Gross Floor Area
of Building

Number of
Spaces Required

1,000 to 9,999


10,000 to 29,999


30,000 to 99,999


100,000 and more


(See also Chapter 17.18, Performance Standards.) (Ord. 1500 § 3 (part), 2007: Ord. 1365 § 3 (part), 2000: Ord. 1085 § 1 Ex. A (part), 1987; Ord. 941 § 1 (part), 1982: prior code § 9203.13(B))