Chapter 17.53


17.53.010    Purpose and application.

17.53.020    Allowed uses and development standards.

17.53.030    Subsequent amendments.

17.53.010 Purpose and application.

The S-F overlay zone is intended to translate the provisions of general plan Land Use Element Chapter 8 (Special Focus Areas) into regulations for the subsequent development of land. It will be applied to areas identified in Chapter 8 as special planning areas, where the general plan Land Use Element calls for special design concepts. (Ord. 1610 § 4 (part), 2014)

17.53.020 Allowed uses and development standards.

All development within the special planning areas shall adhere to the requirements of the underlying zone district and the provisions for each of the respective special planning areas, as described in Chapter 8 of the Land Use Element. In addition, development objectives within each of the special planning areas shall be interpreted by the community development director or applicable advisory body or commission in order to achieve the development objectives of the special focus areas. Where provisions of the underlying zone and Land Use Element Chapter 8 conflict, Land Use Element policies shall take precedence. Planning commission review and approval are required for the following special focus areas: Foothill Boulevard/Santa Rosa, Caltrans Site, Madonna Inn Area, Sunset Drive-In Theater/Prado Road Area, LOVR Creekside Area as shown in the Land Use Element. (Ord. 1610 § 4 (part), 2014)

17.53.030 Subsequent amendments.

Minor adjustments to internal zone district boundaries within each of the special planning areas may be proposed or required during development review based on physical site conditions, environmental impacts and other factors, as deemed appropriate in order to best implement policies and programs contained in the general plan. (Ord. 1610 § 4 (part), 2014)