Chapter 13.82


13.82.010    Permit Required.

13.82.020    Operation Requirements.

13.82.030    Exception.

13.82.010 Permit Required.

Every person who paints, stencils, or affixes, or causes to be painted, stenciled or affixed, any house or street address number on any curb or adjacent to any public street shall first procure a permit and pay an annual permit fee in the amount established by resolution of the City Council. (Ord. 89-3, 1/24/89; amend. Ord. 89-20, 8/8/89)

13.82.020 Operation Requirements.

A.    The permittee shall file with the City a policy of public liability insurance in which the City has been named as insured or co-insured. The policy of insurance shall insure the City, and its officers and employees, against all claims arising out of, or in connection with, the issuance of the permit or the operation of the permittee, or the permittee’s agents or contractors. The policy of insurance shall provide coverage as follows:

Bodily Injury

$25,000 each person


$50,000 each accident



Property Damage

$5,000 each accident

B.    No permittee shall represent in any way to an owner or occupant of premises, or to anyone, that the painting of such numbers upon curbs or elsewhere is required by any law, rule or regulation.

C.    Any house or street address numbers which are painted, stenciled or affixed to any curb pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter, shall consist of black numerals not less than two and one-half inches (2 1/2”), and not more than four inches (4′′) in height on a white background. First-quality paint shall be used in all cases.

D.    The City Council may adopt such reasonable rules and regulations in furtherance of the provisions of this Chapter as determined necessary, including, but not limited to, rules regarding the work to be performed and the method and manner of any solicitation for such work.

E.    Neither the City of Santa Clarita nor any board, commission, officer or employee thereof shall be liable or responsible for any work done by any permittee under the provisions of this Chapter, or by any employee, agent or independent contractor of the City who paints over, obliterates or removes any house or street address number upon any curb in the course of establishing any official traffic control or street identification sign, or in the process of repair or replacement of curbs. (Ord. 89-3, 1/24/89; amend. Ord. 89-20, 8/8/89)

13.82.030 Exception.

The provisions of this Chapter shall not apply to any person who paints, stencils or affixes house or street address numbers upon curbs abutting his or her own property. (Ord. 89-3, 1/24/89; amend. Ord. 89-20, 8/8/89)