Chapter 2.16


2.16.010    Position created.

2.16.020    Appointment and supervisory authority.

2.16.030    Recruitment and examination.

2.16.040    Powers and duties.

2.16.050    Amendment of this chapter.

2.16.010 Position created.

There is created in the classified service of the County the position of Personnel Director. [Ord. 3048, 1981; prior code § 2.35.010].

2.16.020 Appointment and supervisory authority.

The appointing authority for the position of Personnel Director shall be the County Administrative Officer, who shall exercise authority over appointment, evaluation, discipline, dismissal and all other employment matters related to the Personnel Director. [Ord. 3048, 1981; prior code § 2.35.030].

2.16.030 Recruitment and examination.

The recruitment and examination process shall be established by the Civil Service Commission, with concurrence of the County Administrative Officer, and shall be designed to include opportunity for participation by representatives of the Civil Service Commission, the Board of Supervisors and the County Administrative Officer, at all stages. [Ord. 3048, 1981; prior code § 2.35.040].

2.16.040 Powers and duties.

The Personnel Director shall be the administrative head of the Personnel Department, and shall perform all duties and exercise all powers and jurisdiction necessary to establish and maintain a program of personnel management for employees of the County, which program shall comply with and provide support of the Limited Civil Service System of the County. [Ord. 3048, 1981; prior code § 2.35.020].

2.16.050 Amendment of this chapter.

This chapter may be amended only in accordance with SCCC 3.04.030. [Ord. 3048, 1981; prior code § 2.35.050].