Chapter 2.42


2.42.010    Established—Statutory authority.

2.42.020    Membership.

2.42.030    Term of office.

2.42.040    Organization and procedures.

2.42.050    Powers and duties.

2.42.010 Established—Statutory authority.

The Santa Cruz County Arts Commission is established under the authority of Government Code Section 31000.1 and in compliance with SCCC 2.38.060. [Ord. 2337, 1976; prior code § 3.53.010].

2.42.020 Membership.

The Commission shall consist of 10 members, residents of Santa Cruz County, appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Each Supervisor shall nominate two persons to serve on the Commission. Such nominees may, but shall not be required to, reside within the nominating Supervisor’s district. [Ord. 4452 § 1, 1997; Ord. 2337, 1976; prior code § 3.53.030].

2.42.030 Term of office.

Each member shall serve for a term of four years, commencing on April 1st of the year in which the member’s nominating Supervisor begins a full term. [Ord. 4452 § 2, 1997; Ord. 2337, 1976; prior code § 3.53.040].

2.42.040 Organization and procedures.

(A)    General Organization. The Commission shall comply in all respects with SCCC 2.38.110 through 2.38.250, unless otherwise provided herein.

(B)    County Staff. The Parks, Open Space and Cultural Services Department shall provide staff support for the Commission. The Parks, Open Space and Cultural Services Director, or his designated representative, shall serve as Secretary to the Commission and shall receive copies of all minutes, reports and recommendations submitted to the Board of Supervisors by the Commission. [Ord. 2337, 1976; prior code § 3.53.050].

2.42.050 Powers and duties.

The Commission shall be responsible for advising and making recommendations to the Board of Supervisors and the Parks, Open Space and Cultural Services (POSCS) staff on all matters relating to the encouragement and coordination of artistic and cultural affairs within the County for the benefit of County residents. The Commission shall specifically advise the Board of Supervisors and POSCS staff in the following areas:

(A)    Development of a procedure to identify and set priorities annually regarding the areas of greatest need for County support and areas of greatest benefit to the people of the County, with respect to the arts;

(B)    Preparation of annual recommendations to the Board of Supervisors regarding specific courses of action in response to identified need and priorities for County involvement in the arts. Arts-related groups, performing as separate contractors, would be recommended for County support if deemed best able to fulfill identified needs. These recommendations shall take into account available public, community and private resources for art support, and shall be presented annually one month prior to budget hearings;

(C)    Formulation and implementation of procedures as may be necessary to carry out decisions of the Board of Supervisors in response to identified needs and priorities, including:

(1)    Solicitation of public, community and private financial and nonfinancial resources for support of artistic and cultural programs in the County, and advising the Board of Supervisors and POSCS staff on establishment of relations between the County and community and private resources,

(2)    Solicitation of groups, organizations and individuals to assist in the development and implementation of County-sponsored programs and events,

(3)    Review, evaluation and selection of art programs and proposals; annual report and evaluation of all arts programs performing as separate contractors prior to budget hearings,

(4)    Provision of services and facilities as necessary for program implementation,

(5)    Development of a system to research, evaluate, obtain, maintain and disseminate up-to-date information relating to the County’s cultural resources, and establishment of procedures to make this information available to the public in coordination with POSCS-related commissions, community, private resources, and arts-related groups performing as contractors,

(6)    Communication and cooperation with the POSCS and related commissions, community, private resources, and arts-related groups performing as contractors in order to ensure coordination of cultural and social activities. [Ord. 3408, 1983; Ord. 2337, 1976; prior code § 3.53.020].