Chapter 2.56


2.56.010    Appeal defined.

2.56.020    Established.

2.56.030    Membership.

2.56.040    Term of office.

2.56.050    Organization and procedures.

2.56.060    Powers and duties.

2.56.010 Appeal defined.

“Appeal” shall mean the process whereby a person who has been denied a permit issued under the authority of the health officer, or who has had a permit issued by the health officer suspended or revoked, receives a hearing before the Commission. [Ord. 3318 § 1, 1982; prior code § 3.67.020].

2.56.020 Established.

The Environmental Health Appeals Commission is hereby established, in compliance with SCCC 2.38.060. [Ord. 3318 § 1, 1982; prior code § 3.67.010].

2.56.030 Membership.

The Commission shall consist of three members. One member shall be a County Supervisor appointed by the Board of Supervisors; one member shall be a person with knowledge of soils or groundwater hydrology appointed by the Board of Supervisors; and one member shall be the environmental coordinator of the County Planning Department. [Ord. 3318 § 1, 1982; prior code § 3.67.040].

2.56.040 Term of office.

Each appointed member shall serve for a term of four years. Vacancies shall be filled immediately, as provided in Chapter 2.38 SCCC. [Ord. 3318 § 1, 1982; prior code § 3.67.050].

2.56.050 Organization and procedures.

The Commission shall comply in all respects with the provisions of Chapter 2.38 SCCC. County staff support shall be provided by the environmental health service of the Health Services Agency and by the County Counsel. The Clerk of the Board of Supervisors shall act as the Clerk of the Commission. All actions of the Commission shall require that a majority of the full membership concur therein. [Ord. 3318 § 1, 1982; prior code § 3.67.060].

2.56.060 Powers and duties.

The Commission shall receive, process, adjudicate and issue orders in connection with written appeals from denial, suspension or revocation of permits issued under authority of the Health Officer. [Ord. 3318 § 1, 1982; prior code § 3.67.030].