Title 10

Division I. Adoption and Organization

10.10    Adoption of Zoning Ordinance

10.12    Organization, Applicability and Interpretation

Division II. Zoning Districts Regulations

10.20    Open Space and Public Districts

10.21    Repealed

10.22    Residential Zoning Districts

10.24    Commercial Zoning Districts

10.26    Industrial Marinship District

10.28    Overlay Districts

Division III. Land Use Requirements

10.40    General Development Regulations

10.42    Sign and Awning Regulations

10.44    Specific Use Requirements

10.45    Standards and Criteria for Wireless Communications Facilities

10.46    Historic Overlay District and Local Register

Division IV. Permit Procedures

10.50    Land Use Permit Procedures

10.52    Zoning Permits

10.54    Design Review Procedures

10.56    Encroachment Review and Agreements

10.58    Minor Use Permits

10.60    Conditional Use Permits

10.62    Nonconforming Uses and Structures

10.64    Lot Line Adjustments

10.66    Condominium Conversion Permits

10.67    Hotel-Condominium Conversion Permits

10.68    Variances

10.70    Process for Small Residential Rooftop Solar Energy Systems

Division V. Zoning Administration

10.80    Zoning Ordinance Administration

10.82    Public Notice and Hearings

10.84    Appeals

10.86    (Reserved)

10.88    Definitions