Title 17


17.04    General Provisions and Definitions

17.08    Administrative Procedures

17.12    Zoning and General Plan Amendment Procedures

17.16    Zoning Districts Generally

17.20    Twenty-Acre Agriculture (A-20) District

17.24    Winery (W) District

17.28    Agricultural Preserve (AP) District

17.32    Low Density Residential (LR) District

17.36    Low Density Residential One Acre Minimum (LR-1A) District

17.40    Medium Density Residential (MR) District

17.44    High Density Residential (HR) District

17.48    Central Business (CB) District

17.52    Service Commercial (SC) District

17.56    Business and Professional Office (BPO) District

17.60    Industrial (I) District

17.64    Woodlands and Watershed (WW) District

17.68    Public and Quasi-Public (PQP) District

17.72    Parks and Recreation (PR) District

17.76    Open Space (OS) District

17.80    Rural-Residential Overlay (RR) District

17.84    Specific Plan Overlay (SP) District

17.88    Flood Plain Overlay (FP) District

17.92    Historic Preservation Overlay (HP) District

17.96    Planned Development Overlay (PD) District

17.100    Mobilehome Park Overlay (MHP) District

17.104    Parking Impact Overlay (PI) District

17.108    Drainage Improvement Benefit Zone

17.112    General Site Design and Development Standards

17.116    Accessory Buildings, Structures, Dwellings and Uses

17.120    Walls, Fences and Hedges

17.124    Parking and Loading Requirements

17.126    Marijuana Facilities

17.128    Adult Entertainment Facilities

17.132    Bed and Breakfast Inns

17.134    Short-Term Rentals

17.136    Miscellaneous Provisions

17.140    Nonconforming Uses, Buildings, Structures, Lots and Signs

17.144    Affordable Housing

17.146    Housing Trust Fund, Housing Impact Fee and Inclusionary/In-Lieu Fee Requirements

17.148    Signs

17.152    Residential Growth Management System

17.156    Development Agreements

17.160    Condominium Conversions

17.164    Design Review

17.168    Use Permits

17.172    Variances

17.176    Reimbursement for Public Improvements

17.180    Small Wineries

17.190    Beekeeping

17.200    Reasonable Accommodation


I.    Regulated Food and Beverage Establishments Inventory

II.    Hotels, Motels and B & B Inventory