Chapter 14-23


14-23.010    Purpose.

14-23.020    Age limit on use and occupancy.

14-23.030    Property development standards.

14-23.040    Restrictions.

14-23.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to implement Section 65852.2 consistent with the legislative intent expressed in Section 65852.150 of the California Government Code relating to “granny units” and second dwelling units, which declared that second units are a valuable form of housing in California, providing housing for family members, students, the elderly, in-home health care providers, the disabled, and others at below market prices within existing neighborhoods. In the event of any conflict between this section and the California Government Code, the California Government Code shall prevail.

(§ 1, Ord. 1162-03 C-M, eff. October 23, 2003)

14-23.020 Age limit on use and occupancy.

There shall be no age limit for occupancy or use. Occupancy shall be limited to no more than two (2) persons for an efficiency dwelling unit, three (3) persons for a one-bedroom dwelling unit, and four (4) persons for a two-bedroom dwelling unit.

(§ 1, Ord. 1162-03 C-M, eff. October 23, 2003)

14-23.030 Property development standards.

(a)    Living area. Any increase in floor area of the principal dwelling unit to accommodate an accessory dwelling unit shall not exceed forty percent (40%) of the existing living area or 750 square feet for a detached unit, whichever is less. A second (2nd) dwelling unit shall have a maximum of two (2) bedrooms. For the purposes of this subsection, living area shall be the gross floor area of the unit exclusive of any garage or carport area.

(b)    Lot size. The minimum lot size shall be the minimum for the underlying zoning district.

(c)    Design. The exterior design of the accessory dwelling unit shall be in harmony with the principal residence as well as the immediate neighborhood. Building materials, architectural design, roof form and pitch, height, scale, exterior colors and finishes shall be substantially the same as the principal dwelling. An attached accessory dwelling unit shall be designed to allow access from the principal dwelling unit. Additionally, the exterior entrance to an attached accessory dwelling unit shall not be located on the primary street frontage. The design of the accessory dwelling unit shall not adversely affect the single-family character of the surrounding neighborhood.

(d)    Maximum height, required yards, lot coverage, and distance between structures. The maximum height, required yards (setbacks) and distance between structures for accessory dwelling units shall be in accordance with the development regulations for the underlying zoning district and/or accessory building as applicable.

(e)    Parking. One uncovered off-street parking space shall be provided for an accessory dwelling unit. An additional uncovered off-street parking space shall be provided for the second bedroom of an accessory dwelling unit. This parking shall be in addition to the parking required for the principal dwelling on the same site and shall be located and designed in accordance with the Watsonville Municipal Code. Parking for the accessory unit may not be in tandem with parking for the principal residence, but may utilize the same driveway for access.

(f)    Density. An accessory dwelling unit that conforms to the requirements of this section shall not be considered to exceed the allowable density for the lot upon which it is located, and shall be deemed to be a residential use, which is consistent with the Watsonville 2005 General Plan and zoning designation for the lot.

(g)    Deed restriction. Prior to issuance of the building permit, the owner shall provide evidence that a deed restriction, in a form acceptable to the City, has been recorded indicating that the unit is approved as an accessory dwelling unit and is subject to regulations contained in this chapter of this Code.

(§ 1, Ord. 1162-03 C-M, eff. October 23, 2003)

14-23.040 Restrictions.

(a)    No more than one accessory dwelling unit is allowed per parcel.

(b)    No subdivision of land or air rights shall be allowed.

(c)    Units must comply with all applicable building and fire codes.

(§ 1, Ord. 1162-03 C-M, eff. October 23, 2003)