Chapter 19.08


19.08.010    Summary abatement. Revised 3/17

19.08.010 Summary abatement. Revised 3/17

A.    Any nuisance which the building official, or fire chief, determines is immediately or potentially dangerous to the life, health or safety of the occupants of the property or to the public may be summarily abated in accordance with the procedures set forth in this chapter.

B.    Actions taken to abate immediately or potentially dangerous nuisances may include, but are not limited to, repair or removal of the condition creating the danger and/or the restriction from use or occupancy of the property on which the condition exists or any other abatement action determined by the building official or fire chief to be necessary. Where a residential rental property is involved, this may require the moving and relocation of the occupants by the owner and/or responsible party to other habitable temporary or permanent accommodations. Any temporary accommodations will be maintained by the owner and/or responsible party until the corrections are done to the vacated residential property so that it is habitable and the occupants are returned.

C.    When summary abatement is deemed necessary by building official or fire chief, it may be ordered only if the abatement order is confirmed by the city manager.

D.    Notice of the summary abatement shall be provided to the owner or responsible party as provided for in this chapter the same day or as soon as practical. Such notice shall include a provision authorizing the owner or responsible party to dispute the existence of the nuisance conditions before the hearing officer. Any request for an appeal shall be filed in writing with the city clerk within fifteen (15) days of the notice and shall be conducted in the same manner as all applicable procedures under Chapter 19.06.

E.    The costs and expenses for summary abatement, if not paid by the property owner within thirty (30) days of the date of the invoice, shall be made a lien on the property by the city council and shall be collected pursuant to the procedures set forth in Section 19.06.060 for the assessment and collection of liens. (Ord. 2016-11 § 3 (part): Ord. 2010-01 § 1 (part). Formerly 19.08.020)