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Chapter 19.72


19.72.010    Purpose.

19.72.020    Definitions.

19.72.030    Energy audit required prior to sale or major renovation of a commercial building.

19.72.040    Installation of energy conservation measures required on sale or major renovation of a commercial building.

19.72.050    Maximum expenditure required upon sale.

19.72.060    Maximum expenditure required upon major renovation.

19.72.070    Credits and exclusions toward maximum required expenditures.

19.72.080    Exemptions.

19.72.090    Required energy conservation measures.

19.72.100    Transfer of compliance responsibility between buildings owned by a single party.

19.72.110    Notice of chapter and energy audit upon sale--Transfer of compliance responsibility to buyer.

19.72.120    Time for compliance.

19.72.130    Proof of compliance.

19.72.140    Appeals.

19.72.150    Administration and enforcement.

19.72.160    Fees.

19.72.170    Violations and civil remedies.

19.72.180    Operative date.

19.72.190    Chapter review.

19.72.200    Severability.

*Code reviser’s note: Ord. 7397-NS Section 4 repeals this chapter in its entirety effective December 1, 2015.