26-456 License required.

(a)    No person shall engage in the business of selling natural Christmas trees in the city without first obtaining a license from the city and depositing a cash bond of $100.00 with the administrator.

(b)    The administrator is hereby authorized to issue licenses under this article without prior approval of the city council.

(Code 1985, § 8-51)

26-457 Expiration of license.

The expiration of a license under this article shall be December 26, and the lot where the trees were sold shall be completely free and clean of trees and debris by December 31 of the current year.

(Code 1985, § 8-52)

26-458 Refund of bond.

Upon authorization by the administrator that the Christmas tree lot has been cleared and the city has no claim against the bond for clearing, the full bond shall be returned to the license holder. If the city has incurred any expense for cleaning such lot, the cost shall be deducted from the bond and the balance refunded to the license holder.

(Code 1985, § 8-53)

26-459—26-500 Reserved.