Chapter 2.30


2.30.010    Continuation of commission.

2.30.020    Members – Terms – Composition.

2.30.030    Resignation and removal.

2.30.040    Officers, meetings, rules and procedures.

2.30.050    Functions – Powers – Duties.

2.30.010 Continuation of commission.

The city parks commission, referred to as the “commission” in this chapter, is continued. [Ord. 56 § 1, 1986].

2.30.020 Members – Terms – Composition.

(1) The commission shall consist of eight voting members.

(2) The members shall be appointed by the council to serve four-year terms, except that members in office when the ordinance codified in this chapter takes effect shall serve the terms for which they were originally appointed. Vacancies, except the regular expiration of a term, shall be filled by a temporary appointment made by the council for the remainder of the term.

(3) The membership shall be composed of one councilor, one planning commissioner, and the remaining positions may be filled by interested persons. Membership should, if possible, include members with knowledge and expertise not limited to the following areas:

(a) Landscape design profession.

(b) Landscaping business profession.

(c) Design profession.

(d) Parks management.

(4) All members shall be city residents. Members residing outside the city, but who own property within the city shall be considered to have such residential status. The council may allow membership for one nonresident who possesses subject matter expertise needed by the commission. [Ord. 450 § 1, 2013; Ord. 364 § 1, 2005; Ord. 213 § 1, 1995; Ord. 56 § 2, 1986].

2.30.030 Resignation and removal.

(1) A member of the commission may resign at any time by submitting a letter of resignation to the council.

(2) A member may be removed by the council for nonperformance of duty. A member who is absent from three consecutive meetings without excuse is considered to be in nonperformance of duty. The possible need for removal may be brought to the attention of the council by the commission. [Ord. 56 § 3, 1986].

2.30.040 Officers, meetings, rules and procedures.

(1) The commission members, by majority vote, shall elect a chairperson and vice-chairperson for a one-year term at the beginning of each year, and may reelect the incumbent. The chairperson shall preside over commission meetings and retain the right to vote. The vice-chairperson shall preside in the chairperson’s absence.

(2) The commission shall meet at least once a month. Meetings at other scheduled times may be announced at a prior meeting and thereby made a part of the record. A previously unannounced meeting may be called by the chair at the request of three commissioners or by the public works and development director for a time not earlier than 24 hours after notice is given.

(3) A majority of the commission shall constitute a quorum for conducting any business.

(4) The commission shall make and maintain rules and regulations for its operation consistent with the City Charter, ordinances, and resolutions, subject to review and approval of the council.

(5) Members of the commission shall receive no compensation, but shall be reimbursed for duly authorized expenses. [Ord. 450 § 2, 2013; Ord. 364 § 2, 2005; Ord. 56 § 4, 1986].

2.30.050 Functions – Powers – Duties.

(1) The commission shall have the powers and duties which are now or may hereafter be assigned to it by the Charter, ordinances, or resolutions of the city.

(2) The commission shall review and recommend to the council, shall coordinate with the planning commission as appropriate, and shall assist staff in the preparation of parks plans, site and building designs, development standards, and recreation services. These general duties shall include, but are not limited to: the identification of potential new sites to be added to the park and recreation system; recommendations on acquisition of park and recreation property including fund raising, grant assistance, or other revenue sources; recommendations on designation of open space; and recommendations on development of pedestrian trails and bikeways for accessibility to and within the park system for recreation and for transportation within the city. [Ord. 56 § 5, 1986].