Chapter 2.64


2.64.010    Creation of commission.

2.64.020    Membership.

2.64.030    Terms of office.

2.64.040    Vacancies.

2.64.050    Removal/resignation.

2.64.060    Officers.

2.64.070    Secretary.

2.64.080    Meetings.

2.64.090    Responsibilities, powers, and duties.

2.64.010 Creation of commission.

There is hereby created within the city of St. Helens a bicycle and pedestrian commission. (Ord. 3090 § 010, 2008)

2.64.020 Membership.

The commission shall consist of five to 11 members. At least one person shall be appointed with grant writing experience and/or training. The city councilor appointed by the council to the community development department shall be a member of this commission and one staff person shall be assigned as a staff liaison for technical assistance. The council member shall be an ex officio, nonvoting member of the commission. No less than 70 percent of the actual appointed at-large members shall be residents of the city of St. Helens. At-large members are appointed by the mayor with the consent of the city council. Bike commission membership is an unpaid voluntary appointed position and members shall receive no compensation for their service except for expenses specifically budgeted and authorized by the city council. (Ord. 3090 § 020, 2008)

2.64.030 Terms of office.

The terms of office of each at-large commissioner shall be for a period of four years with no more than three full-term commissioners being replaced each year, once the staggered startup is completed. Appointments are normally made in December with terms of office to commence on January 1st. The provisions of the ordinance amending this section do not alter the terms of office of current commissioners and said positions shall continue in accordance with their terms. (Ord. 3090 § 030, 2008)

2.64.040 Vacancies.

Any vacancies on the commission shall be filled by appointment of the mayor at any time, with the consent of the council. Said appointment shall be for the remainder of the unexpired term of the vacated commissioner position. (Ord. 3090 § 040, 2008)

2.64.050 Removal/resignation.

An at-large commissioner may be removed from the commission, for cause, following a hearing before the city council. Cause for removal includes but is not limited to misconduct in office or nonperformance of official duties, violation of government standards and practices, conviction of a crime, including the crime of official misconduct, as well as any other actions or conduct by the commissioner which is detrimental to the reputation and goodwill of the city of St. Helens. Notwithstanding the above provisions for removal, a commissioner who is absent from three consecutive regular meetings without excused absences as approved by the commission shall be deemed to have resigned his/her position on the commission. In the event of such resignation, the council shall be notified, the position declared vacant and reappointment procedures commenced. A commissioner may resign at any time, but it should be done in writing to the chair or councilor-in-charge. Nothing herein prohibits a commissioner who has resigned by operation of this section from being reappointed to the commission. (Ord. 3090 § 050, 2008)

2.64.060 Officers.

At the first meeting of each calendar year, the commission shall elect a chairman and vice-chairman to serve a one-year term. (Ord. 3090 § 060, 2008)

2.64.070 Secretary.

The commission will choose the method and person to accomplish the taking and compiling of minutes of each meeting of the commission. The minutes do not need to be verbatim but should accurately reflect the activities of the meetings and any actions or decisions taken by the commission. (Ord. 3090 § 070, 2008)

2.64.080 Meetings.

The commission shall meet as often as deemed appropriate by the commission by not less than once every other calendar month or as otherwise directed by the city council. All meetings of the commission shall be open to the public and shall in all respects fully comply with Oregon public meetings law. Special meetings of the commission shall require not less than 24 hours’ notice to local newspapers and posting of meeting notice in public places reasonably calculated to give notice to interested parties. The commission shall have the authority to make and alter written rules for the conduct of its business, including rules of procedure for conduct of public meetings and public hearings. The adoption of bylaws is expressly authorized, subject to the consent of the city council. For purposes of conducting business, a quorum shall require the attendance of a majority of the at-large commissioners that are currently appointed to the commission at the time of the meeting. Minutes of commission meetings and activities shall be regularly submitted to the city council for review and acceptance. (Ord. 3090 § 080, 2008)

2.64.090 Responsibilities, powers, and duties.

The commissioners shall have the responsibilities, obligations and duties of appointed public officers and the commission shall have the responsibilities and duties of an advisory public body as provided for in laws of the state of Oregon and the laws of the city of St. Helens. The commission shall have the power to act in an advisory capacity to the city council in all matters pertaining to the operation, planning, development, improvement, beautification, equipment and maintenance of public bicycle and/or pedestrian ways. The commission shall have authority:

(1) To review and call to the attention of the city council any deteriorating condition of city public bicycle and/or pedestrian pathways.

(2) To review and call to the attention of the city council the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of bicycle and/or pedestrian programs conducted by or for the city of St. Helens.

(3) To review and make recommendations to the city council on the operation, administration, maintenance and equipment needs of the public works department relative to bicycle and/or pedestrian public facilities within the city limits.

(4) To review and make recommendations to the city council on the annual budget of the public works department relative to bicycle and/or pedestrian public facilities within the city limits.

(5) To review and make recommendations to the city council on master plans and capital improvement plans for bicycle and/or pedestrian pathways within the city limits.

(6) To review and make recommendations to the city council on public bicycle and/or pedestrian facility development plans, construction plans, use or development proposals, and such other related activities as deemed advisable by the city council.

(7) To request that the city council assign or direct staff to prepare reports and compile information necessary for the commission to carry out its assigned duties. (Ord. 3090 § 090, 2008)