Chapter 11
Public Services and Improvements

Article 1
Sewers and Sewage Disposal

A.    Sewer Connections and Uses

§11-101.    Definitions

§11-102.    Use of Public Sewers Required

§11-103.    Building Sewers and Connections

§11-104.    Rules and Regulations Governing Building Sewers and Connections to Sewers

§11-105.    Enforcement

§11-106.    Declaration of Purpose

B.    Sewage Facilities Act

§11-111.    Sewage Enforcement Officer

Article 2
Water Supply

A.    Water Connections and Regulations

§11-201.    Definitions

§11-202.    Use of Public Water System Required

§11-203.    Connections

§11-204.    Enforcement

§11-205.    Declaration of Purpose