Chapter 2.03


2.03.010    Created – Direction.

2.03.020    Director appointment – Personnel.

2.03.030    Relation to finance director.

2.03.010 Created – Direction.

There is created an administrative department of the city, to be known as the department of budgeting and accounting services, which shall be under the supervision of a director who shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

A. Assist the mayor in preparing an annual preliminary budget;

B. Be available to the city council at the council’s pleasure for budget consultation, review, and assistance in preparing an annual adopted budget;

C. Assist the finance department and other departments, as required, in the development of appropriate and timely financial reports, special cost accounting systems, as well as reviewing current cost programs for possible changes or discontinuance; coordinate the implementation of new programs and reports with the division of computer and communication services;

D. Accumulate, analyze, and evaluate monthly revenue and expenditure reports, making recommendations to the mayor and the council concerning appropriation modifications and/or transfers;

E. Assist the personnel manager and/or the city’s contract negotiator by supplying payroll data prior to and during labor negotiations with city union representatives;

F. Provide and operate a comprehensive payroll system;

G. Assume responsibility for other financially related programs as may be assigned by the mayor. [Ord. 9729, 1987; Ord. 9400, 1984; Ord. 8534 § 1, 1976].

2.03.020 Director appointment – Personnel.

The director of budgeting and accounting services shall be appointed by the mayor and serve at his pleasure, and shall have such personnel within his department as are provided through the budget process. [Ord. 8534 § 2, 1976].

2.03.030 Relation to finance director.

To the extent that any of the duties described in this chapter interrelate to the responsibilities prescribed to and authority vested in the finance director pursuant to Bellingham City Charter Article 8, such duties and authority shall be deemed supplemental to those of the finance director. [Ord. 8534 § 3, 1976].