Chapter 2.19


2.19.010    Established – Responsibilities.

2.19.020    Membership.

2.19.030    Organization.

2.19.010 Established – Responsibilities.

Pursuant to Bellingham City Charter Section 7.01, there is established a board to be known as the Bellingham parks and recreation advisory board, hereinafter referred to as advisory board, which shall advise the city council, mayor, director of the department of parks and recreation, as well as other city departments, concerning the formulations of policy and implementation, plans and programs calculated to carry out the duties of the department of parks and recreation in maintaining city parks, and providing a program of recreation for the general welfare of the people of the city.

The specific responsibilities of the board are more particularly described as follows:

A. To formulate an orderly program for the acquisition of land, waterways, buildings, facilities and equipment, and for the development, operation and maintenance of an adequate system of public parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities of the city, both within and without its boundaries, in cooperation with other departments, or bodies, public or private;

B. To consult with and make recommendations to the director of parks and recreation and the city council and other city departments with regard to the development and amendment from time to time of the city’s parks and recreation comprehensive plan and capital improvement program;

C. To consult with and make recommendations to the director of parks and recreation regarding policies for the planning, development, maintenance and use of all of the city’s park and recreation areas and facilities, as well as the implementation of policies concerning the city’s recreation program;

D. To formulate a recreational program for residents of the Bellingham area, such program to include plans for utilization of all available parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities. The board shall be continuously cognizant of the conduct of the recreational program so as to be in a position to suggest, from time to time, such program changes as shall be consistent with available facilities and money appropriated to, or received by, the city and other bodies for recreational purposes;

E. To interpret community park and recreation needs to the director of the parks and recreation department, and explain the city’s park and recreation services to the city council and to the community;

F. To review, modify and/or recommend to the director of the department of parks and recreation a tentative program and budget as required and make recommendations concerning the activities of the parks and recreational programs;

G. To hold public meetings from time to time in various parts of the city for the purpose of reviewing park and recreation programs and objectives with citizen groups and the community at large. A major objective of the board shall be to develop public interest in the activities of the park and recreation department and to solicit, to the fullest extent, participation of community groups, the general public and public and private agencies;

H. To encourage individuals and community groups to give funds and property or manpower for the improvements and development of park and recreation programs and facilities. [Ord. 8683 § 1, 1978].

2.19.020 Membership.

A. The advisory board shall consist of 11 members to be appointed by the mayor, and shall serve without compensation. Such board shall have the powers and duties hereinafter specified. No member of the advisory board shall be employed by the city.

B. The advisory board shall consist of one member recommended to the mayor by the superintendent of the Bellingham school district and 10 other members selected at large from the residents of the city of Bellingham.

C. All members shall serve for a period of three years.

D. Any vacancy in the membership of the board shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment, with the replacement filling the remainder of the unexpired term. Members may serve for no more than two consecutive terms. [Ord. 2018-03-006 § 2; Ord. 2002-03-022; Ord. 8683 § 2, 1978].

2.19.030 Organization.

Upon the initial appointment of the board, the board shall elect a chairperson and vice chairperson to preside at its meetings and a secretary who shall have charge of all records of such board and shall keep accurate and complete minutes of all meetings thereof, and thereafter such officers shall be elected at the first meeting in January of each year. The secretary need not be a member of the board. Five members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and a majority of the board shall be required to approve any action. Regular meetings of the board shall be held at least once each month on such date as shall be fixed by the board at their regular place of meeting. Special meetings may be held as often as the board deems necessary. The board shall have power to make bylaws for the conduct of its business. [Ord. 8683 § 3, 1978].