Chapter 2.20


2.20.010    Greenway advisory committee.

2.20.020    Membership – Terms of appointment.

2.20.030    Compensation – Conflicts of interest.

2.20.040    Authority and duties.

2.20.050    Organization.

2.20.060    Effective dates.

2.20.010 Greenway advisory committee.

A. Pursuant to Bellingham City Charter Section 7.01, there is established a greenway advisory committee that shall provide citizen advice regarding the use of greenway levy funds to acquire and develop parks, trails, open space and other recreational projects within the city and its adjacent urban growth area.

B. The committee shall consist of 11 members who shall be appointed by the mayor subject to confirmation by the city council, and shall serve terms as set forth in BMC 2.20.020. [Ord. 2018-03-006 § 3; Ord. 2006-09-096].

2.20.020 Membership – Terms of appointment.

A. Members shall be appointed from among community-minded residents who are active in civic matters and supportive of the intent and objectives of the greenway’s levies.

B. Members shall be appointed to serve for a term of three years. Any vacancy in the membership of the committee shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment, with the replacement filling the remainder of the unexpired term. Members may serve for no more than two full consecutive terms.

C. The committee may make recommendations to the mayor for reappointment and replacement of its members. [Ord. 2018-03-006 § 3; Ord. 2006-09-096].

2.20.030 Compensation – Conflicts of interest.

Committee members shall serve without compensation from the city, or from any trust, donation or legacy to the city for their services; this limitation shall not preclude a member of his/her firm receiving compensation from the city under contract or otherwise for services rendered outside his/her duties as a committee member; provided, that any committee member having an interest or who contemplates acquiring an interest in any particular transaction, contract, or project must disqualify himself/herself from any official action contributing towards an official recommendation to the city on that subject. [Ord. 2006-09-096].

2.20.040 Authority and duties.

A. The greenway advisory committee shall be authorized to do the following:

1. To provide citizen advice to the city council and the parks and recreation department on implementing the intent and objectives of the greenway levies in a manner that best addresses current opportunities, conditions and needs.

2. To consider the needs for parks, trails and open space of all citizens and greenway’s system users within all geographic areas of the city and its adjacent urban growth area.

3. To review proposals for greenway levy expenditures for acquisition and development projects, and to make recommendations thereon to the parks and recreation advisory board for its consideration prior to such recommendations being submitted to the city parks and recreation department and the city council.

4. To consult with and make recommendations to the parks and recreation department on greenway levy projects and greenway program procedures developed and proposed by the parks and recreation department, including individual project plans, system or area plans, selection criteria and priorities for acquisition and development projects, and procedures for expenditure and reporting of greenway levy funds.

5. To consult with and make recommendations to the parks and recreation department on annual budgets and the six-year capital facilities plan involving greenway levy funds.

6. To consult with and make recommendations to the parks and recreation department on expenditure and budgeting of greenway levy endowment funds.

7. To consult with and make recommendations to the parks and recreation department on the greenway’s system, as an integral part of the entire city parks and recreation system.

8. As appropriate, to provide and make annual or special reports on its activities to the city council.

B. In providing its recommendations, the committee shall be guided by the overriding goal of ensuring the continued improvement of the quality of life for all citizens of the city of Bellingham by enhancing opportunities in the city parks and greenways systems. [Ord. 2006-09-096].

2.20.050 Organization.

A. The committee shall annually elect a chair and vice-chair from among its members. The committee shall adopt its own rules of procedure and shall have authority to make bylaws for the conduct of its business under this chapter.

B. The committee shall hold at least one regular meeting each month on such date as shall be fixed by the committee at its regular place of meeting. Additional meetings may be held as the committee deems necessary. All meetings of the committee shall be public meetings; provided, that to the extent necessary or appropriate, the committee shall consider the selection of sites and the acquisition of real property confidentially in executive session when public knowledge regarding such consideration would cause a likelihood of increased price.

C. Written minutes and records of meetings and actions of the committee shall be kept. Such records shall be public.

D. The city staff shall provide appropriate support to the committee. [Ord. 2006-09-096].

2.20.060 Effective dates.

This chapter establishing a greenway advisory committee shall be in effect for so long as a greenway levy (whether the current greenway III levy or any successor thereto) is in effect in the city or there are funds collected through such a levy to be expended. In the event that the current greenway III levy, or any successor thereto expires without being replaced or extended, the committee shall be disbanded. Adoption of this chapter shall effectively replace prior city council Resolutions 14-92 and 2001-14. [Ord. 2006-09-096].