Chapter 2.33


2.33.010    Established.

2.33.020    Membership.

2.33.030    Terms of members – Rules of procedures.

2.33.040    Functions – Meetings and minutes.

2.33.010 Established.

The mayor’s neighborhood advisory commission (MNAC) is established to perform such functions as are provided in this chapter. [Ord. 2006-05-048; Ord. 8516 § 1, 1976].

2.33.020 Membership.

The mayor shall appoint to the MNAC one member and one alternate from each of the city’s neighborhoods as defined in the Bellingham Municipal Code. The mayor shall request from the recognized neighborhood association of each neighborhood a list of up to three active members who are formally designated by the neighborhood association to represent the neighborhood on the MNAC. The mayor will select members and alternates from among those on this list; provided, that if no such neighborhood association exists, or the neighborhood association fails to provide a list in a timely manner, the mayor may select other representatives who are interested in serving and whom the mayor believes will effectively represent the neighborhood. [Ord. 2006-05-048; Ord. 8516 § 2, 1976].

2.33.030 Terms of members – Rules of procedures.

The term of appointed members shall be two years. Members may be eligible for reappointment to a second term in accordance with BMC 2.33.020. Upon being constituted, the commission shall establish its own internal rules of operation, including provisions for the election or appointment of necessary officers. [Ord. 2006-05-048; Ord. 8516 § 3, 1976].

2.33.040 Functions – Meetings and minutes.

The primary purpose of the MNAC is for (A) the mayor to communicate with and listen to the representatives of neighborhood associations on topics that may be of interest to neighborhoods; (B) representatives of neighborhood associations to communicate their interests and concerns to the city administration; and (C) members to serve as a conduit for timely, accurate information about city programs and services through various actions including reporting and/or forwarding to their membership information provided by the city. The MNAC may elect to review proposed changes to the city’s comprehensive plan and neighborhood plans and provide comment on those proposed changes for the mayor to consider. The commission shall meet at least 10 times per year and shall keep minutes of its meetings. [Ord. 2013-01-004 § 1; Ord. 2006-05-048; Ord. 8516 § 4, 1976].