Chapter 2.60


2.60.010    Created – Composition.

2.60.020    Duties of the board.

2.60.010 Created – Composition.

There is created a joint, cooperative emergency medical and ambulance advisory board, consisting of the following persons:

A. The mayor of Bellingham;

B. The Whatcom County executive;

C. One mayor of an incorporated city, other than Bellingham, selected by the small cities mayors’ association;

D. One Bellingham city council member;

E. One Whatcom County council member;

F. Four fire district commissioners (one from each region);

G. One fire chief selected by the Whatcom County fire chiefs’ association (nonvoting);

H. The Bellingham fire chief or fire department medical services officer (nonvoting);

I. The medical program director (nonvoting). [Ord. 2005-12-107; Ord. 9150 § 1, 1982; Code 1980 at § 15.08.020].

2.60.020 Duties of the board.

In addition to those duties of the board set forth in Chapter 6.10 BMC, the board shall:

A. Act to coordinate and improve ambulance and related medical transportation services throughout Whatcom County;

B. Be the primary agency for settling disputes between ambulance services and government agencies operating ambulance services, throughout Whatcom County;

C. Make budgetary recommendations for ambulance services;

D. Advise the council and other agencies on improvements to ambulance services;

E. Refer purely technical, operational, and medical matters to the appropriate fire chief or medical advisor;

F. Hold at least two public meetings each year with the primary purpose of:

1. Sharing progress and accomplishments from the previous year (March/April meeting); and

2. Reviewing and commenting on projected budget and goals for the new year (August/September meeting). [Ord. 2005-12-107; Ord. 9150 § 2, 1982].