Chapter 2.82


2.82.010    Powers and duties.

2.82.020    Membership.

2.82.030    Adoption of procedure.

2.82.010 Powers and duties.

Pursuant to Bellingham City Charter Section 7.01, there is hereby established an advisory board known as the “sister cities advisory board,” which shall advise the mayor and all involved city departments concerning the establishment and maintenance of sister city relationships between the city and cities of other countries. The responsibilities of the board shall include:

A. To advise the mayor in his program of developing and maintaining relationships with sister cities;

B. To assist in the task of bringing representatives of sister cities to the community and to assist in acting as hosts when the representatives are here;

C. To assist in creating for all citizens an atmosphere encouraging community support and participation in sister city programs; and

D. As appropriate, to participate as delegates in visits to sister cities. [Ord. 9807, 1988].

2.82.020 Membership.

A. The sister cities advisory board shall consist of no more than 12 members, to be appointed by the mayor. They shall serve without compensation.

B. All members shall serve for a period of three years; provided, however, so as to allow for staggered terms, the mayor shall initially assign one-year terms to one-third of the members; two-year terms to one-third of the members, and three-year terms to one-third of the members.

C. Any vacancy in the membership of the board shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment, with the replacement serving the remainder of the unexpired term. [Ord. 9807, 1988].

2.82.030 Adoption of procedure.

The board shall organize annually by election of one of their members as chair and by the filling of such other offices as they deem appropriate. The board, in its discretion, shall have the authority to promulgate rules of governance which shall be applicable for the conduct of its business. [Ord. 8907, 1988].