Chapter 2.88


2.88.010    Created.

2.88.020    Purpose.

2.88.030    Functions.

2.88.040    Composition.

2.88.050    Organization – Meetings.

2.88.010 Created.

The Bellingham-Whatcom County commission against domestic violence is created. [Ord. 1998-11-084].

2.88.020 Purpose.

The purpose of the commission is to provide leadership in the community’s effort to reduce and prevent domestic violence. [Ord. 1998-11-084].

2.88.030 Functions.

The functions of the commission shall be:

A. Develop and implement a coordinated comprehensive domestic violence plan that is monitored, evaluated and updated on a regular basis.

B. Promote coordination and increase collaboration of institutions, systems and services as they respond to offenders, victims, children and others who have been impacted by domestic violence.

C. Increase community awareness and understanding about domestic violence.

D. Serve as an advisory board to local government agencies and the community with respect to domestic violence issues.

E. Develop community benchmarks for monitoring domestic violence and prepare an annual report.

F. Serve as a community forum on domestic violence and create a mechanism for identifying issues, concerns, needs and resources. [Ord. 1998-11-084].

2.88.040 Composition.

The commission shall consist of up to 28 members. The following officials shall be designated government representatives on the commission:

A. Whatcom County prosecutor;

B. Whatcom County sheriff;

C. Bellingham police chief;

D. Bellingham city attorney;

E. Bellingham municipal court administrator;

F. One Whatcom County court administrator selected by the county court administrators;

G. Whatcom County director of health and human services;

H. Whatcom County public defender;

I. Whatcom County director of district court probation;

J. A designated representative from the department of social and health services division of children and family services;

K. A designated representative from the department of social and health services community service office;

L. One chief executive officer or a designated representative from the cities in Whatcom County other than Bellingham selected by a majority vote of the eligible chief executive officers;

M. One police chief from the cities in Whatcom County other than Bellingham selected by majority vote of the eligible police chiefs;

N. One superintendent from the school districts in Whatcom County selected by majority vote of the eligible superintendents.

Additional members shall be selected by the mayor and the county executive from among members of the community who have an interest in, or are impacted by, domestic violence. The mayor and county executive shall each appoint seven members to include the following:

A. One domestic violence victims service provider.

B. Two human services providers, including, but not limited to, educators, victim or offender services, clergy or religious leaders and early childhood education providers.

C. One representative of a major employer.

D. One health care provider.

E. Two representatives from the community at large.

In selecting members for the commission, the mayor and county executive shall attempt to reflect the racial, ethnic, economic and geographical diversity of the community and to ensure the participation of at least one survivor of domestic violence.

Terms of nongovernment members, and of those government members selected by majority vote of designated groups, shall be four years; provided, that the terms of those nongovernment members first appointed shall be staggered so that two members shall be appointed for one year, four members shall be appointed for two years, four members shall be appointed for three years and four members shall be appointed for four years. Members may be reappointed. Members may be removed by the appointing authority. Each member shall continue to serve until a successor has been appointed. [Ord. 2008-07-072; Ord. 2004-11-079; Ord. 2000-10-067; Ord. 1998-11-084].

2.88.050 Organization – Meetings.

Meetings of the commission shall be open and accessible to the public. The commission shall determine its own meeting schedule but shall meet at least once each quarter. Written records of meetings, resolutions, findings and recommendations shall be kept and such records shall be public. The commission shall adopt its own rules and procedures which shall be public record. The city and county shall provide such staff and funding for the commission as they deem necessary for the commission to perform its duties. The commission shall elect a chairperson from among its members who shall preside at its meetings. [Ord. 1998-11-084].