Chapter 2.92


2.92.010    Created.

2.92.020    Purpose.

2.92.030    Duties.

2.92.040    Geographic scope of the waterfront advisory group.

2.92.050    Composition.

2.92.060    Organization – Meetings.

2.92.010 Created.

The city of Bellingham-port of Bellingham waterfront advisory group is created. [Ord. 2005-03-024].

2.92.020 Purpose.

The purpose of the advisory group is to provide citizen input and advice to the city and port on the thoughtful implementation of the waterfront futures group recommendations as adopted by the city and port. [Ord. 2005-03-024].

2.92.030 Duties.

The duties of the waterfront advisory group include, but are not limited to:

A. Work with city and port staff to ensure ongoing public awareness, knowledge and involvement in waterfront revitalization, redevelopment activities, through public forums and waterfront events;

B. Work with city and port staff to integrate the recommendations of the waterfront futures group that are adopted in city and port plans, existing projects, and ongoing projects, as well as consider those recommendations in assisting in the development of waterfront plans, projects and regulations;

C. Work with the city and port to achieve consistency of city and port planning documents and regulations for waterfront planning and development;

D. Review, comment, and provide input on the consistency of proposed plans, projects, and regulatory amendments concerning the waterfront;

E. Work with the city and port administrations to plan and host public forums and other opportunities for community participation on matters affecting the waterfront and to incorporate the waterfront into the community as a whole;

F. Advise the city and port on the establishment of benchmarks of progress on waterfront goals and periodically report to the city council and port of Bellingham commission on the progress in meeting those waterfront goals; and

G. Advocate for waterfront development consistent with adopted plans. [Ord. 2005-03-024].

2.92.040 Geographic scope of the waterfront advisory group.

The geographic scope of the waterfront advisory group is depicted on Exhibit A attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter and includes the area from the southerly city limits of Bellingham, including Chuckanut Bay, to the tideland ownership of Leigh Cement Company located on the northerly side of Bellingham Bay. [Ord. 2005-03-024].

2.92.050 Composition.

A. The waterfront advisory group shall consist of community citizens of the city and Whatcom County with familiarity and interest in, by way of example, waterfront development, regulations, environment, culture, history, employment, community activities. In appointing representatives the city and port should consider members from representative groups, including but not limited to: the Lummi Nation and/or Nooksack Indian Tribe, waterfront futures group, established city boards or commissions, the port marina advisory committee.

B. The waterfront advisory group will consist of 10 members. Five shall be nominated and appointed by the mayor of the city of Bellingham and five shall be nominated and appointed by the port of Bellingham commission. Members shall serve in staggered three-year terms. Vacancies will be filled in the same manner as the original appointment. Members may be reappointed. Members may be removed by the appointing authority. Each member shall continue to serve until a successor has been appointed. [Ord. 2005-03-024].

2.92.060 Organization – Meetings.

Meetings of the waterfront advisory group shall be open to the public. The waterfront advisory group shall determine its own meeting schedule but shall meet at least once each quarter. Written records of meetings, resolutions, findings and recommendations shall be kept and such records shall be public. The group shall adopt its own rules and procedures which shall be a matter of public record. The city and the port shall provide staff and funding for the waterfront advisory group as they deem necessary for the group to perform its duties. The waterfront advisory group shall annually elect a chairperson from among its members who shall preside at meetings. [Ord. 2005-03-024].